Zach’s First Rabbit

Rabbit Hunter, April 2012RABBIT HUNTER – I love to take kids and grownups rabbit hunting, especially those who have never taken a rabbit with a gun with Beagles.

This trip was one of those hunts I look forward to each year. We got together with Luke Harmon, who lives in Montgomery, IN and hunted a spot (near Cannelburg) he had permission to hunt.

Also along on this hunt were my sons, Devon and Dillon, and my nephew, Zach Cook.

The hunting area was a big thicket full of rabbits. When I mean full — I mean where can one jump anywhere 20 to 30 rabbits? I’m not lying. Not only was this hunt a first for Zach but for my young Beagle, Mia, which jumped her first bunnies today for the pack. We had our four running dogs with us: Blazer, Bull, Elvira and Mia.

We met Luke and headed for our spot. We were going to hunt hard and shoot quickly. With the number of rabbits here, we would have plenty of opportunities to shoot.

We unleashed the dogs and spread out. Dillon and Zach went high, I was in the middle and Devon and Luke went low. It didn’t  take a minute until the first rabbit was up, and after that, it was non-stop.

I’ll make a long story short. Luke took the first rabbit of the day and from then on it was shooting here and there. The dogs never stopped running on this hunt unless we showed them a bunny. We all jumped rabbits while walking through the cover and the dogs did, too. We had several splits during the hunt.

Finally, the dogs got on one bunny, ran him up a small ravine and over to where Dillon and Zach were. Zach nailed him for his first ever bunny. I took a good picture of him and the rabbit.  He ended up taking two and Devon got his limit of five. I got one and Luke ended up with two.  It was a great day with a lot of rabbits, some great runs and non-stop action. It was a first for Zach and my Mia Beagle.

The final tally was 10 rabbits, five happy hunters and four worn out dogs. We took pictures and thanked Luke for taking us there and planned another hunt later on.

Until next time, keep ‘em running.

By Jon Cornett, jwcbunnyrun@yahoo.com