Western Plott Hunters Association

June 2012 American Cooner Magazine CoverWORLDWIDE PLOTTS: SWEDEN. Hello Plott family. My name is Lena Laaksonen. I grew up in North Sweden, along the border of Finland. Growing up very few women hunted here because it was frowned upon. I didn’t care, nature and hunting was a big interest of mine that I would not give up. My boyfriend Per Persson grew up in the mountains and was taught to hunt early on in life. He mostly borrowed dogs to hunt until 2008 when got a dog of his own, a Plott. All of our Plotts are UKC registered and originate from Ursus Kennel, but they have different bloodlines. We hunt everything from big to small game. However, when it comes to hunting bears and lynx in Sweden, the numbers that are allowed to be hunted in each district is limited. When the quota is filled, the season is over. Since it’s a short and intensive period we make sure our Plotts are in top healthy condition. Plotts are the perfect match for us; we love their calmness, as well as their stubbornness, goofy pranks, personalities, and their unstoppable drive to find prey. They are well suited for the Swedish landscape and climate; they can track lynx in the deep snow for several hours as well as trail brown bears for several kilometers since they tend to run rather than stop. Please check out our kennel’s website huntingbyplot.wordpress.com. At request, I will send you the English versions.
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By Jesse Howell