W.W. Squirrel Hunting Club

Full Cry March 2012 CoverHello from Central South Carolina. I hope everyone is doing well. It has cooled off some and I have been able to turn a dog out a few times.

The three six month old Carolina Curs I have been working with are coming along. One is doing a little better than the other two. He treed three times in about 30 minutes and held the tree well. The next step is to introduce him to the gun.

Rusty Atkinson and I were wanting to go to a hunt and were looking at what was coming up. We chose the NKC State Hunt in Dalton, GA on August 26. I work with Rusty and we are running seven days a week. We had to put in for not only Friday off but the weekend as well. When Rusty told our new plant manager he wanted Friday and the weekend off he asked “Who will take your place?”

Rusty replied, “You, sir, I guess.”  He asked Rusty if there was anyone who can fill in for him. The new plant manager asked if I could do it.  Rusty said, “Yes, he can but he’s going with me.” So after working it out to be off, we planned to leave at noon Friday but Rusty came to me that Thursday and said, “Something has come up.”

I said “What now?!”

“They want us to deliver some samples to our plant in Athens, GA. They are going to pay us. It’s only a little out of the way but it will pay for the trip.” I said, “Great!”

So instead of noon, we picked up the samples at the plant at 6 AM and headed to Georgia. After dropping off the samples in Athens, we arrived in Dalton at 1 PM. It only took seven hours and we stopped every two hours to let the dogs out.

We arrived at John’s Mountain Squirrel Club Saturday morning at 5:30. We met Mike and Mark Dooley and signed up. There were 19 dogs in the hunt; not bad for a hot August hunt. They have a great group of squirrel hunters in Dalton and Rusty and I had a great time swapping stories with this bunch in Georgia. They said I talked funny and I said, “Ya’ll do too.” One guy asked if I was from Louisiana and this is not the first time someone has asked me this.

I drew out with two Mountain Curs, and they did not separate the dogs but this has never mattered to me. It seems I have better luck hunting with the big dogs.

I wish I would write names down because I don’t remember the two gentlemen I hunted with. These guys were very nice and first class hunters.  My dog Bo-Pete hunted about as sorry as a dog could. He only treed two times and at the second tree we found the only squirrel that was seen.

Seven casts returned and only five casts had plus points. There were two casts to go out in the afternoon.

I was in the three dog cast with Jughead and Cool Whip . . . two very good dogs. Rusty went with me because he didn’t win his cast but he had a good hunt.  When we turned out at 3:30, it was 940. Jughead treed twice in the first 30 minutes and we found both squirrels. Little did we know that would be all he needed. Cool Whip treed and got 125+ and Bo-Pete did nothing for the first hour and 50 minutes. With ten minutes to go, he treed hard about 125 yards away and he got 125+ points.

Bo Dooley, who handled Jughead for his dad, did a great job. He’s 16 years old and has been in some hunts where he may have been treated badly. After the first tree, he asked me if he could pet Jughead up. I said he should let him know he did a good job.

After the second tree, Bo asked me if he could give Jughead a drink of water. I said, “Only if I can have some, too.”

Getting back to the club, two of dog casts came back with no plus points, so Jughead won and Bo-Pete and Cool Whip were
tied for second. I never win the coin flip and I didn’t this time either.

On this hunt everyone seemed to be laid back and under no pressure. It was one of the most pleasurable hunts I have ever been on. The only thing that would have made it better was if Snowbird could have gone with us. He would have fit right in with that North Georgia crowd.

Now, let’s go tree a squirrel!

By Tony DuBose, 1682 Alderman Camp Road,
Alcolu, SC 29001, 803-473-3818,

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