Unofficial Plott Hound

May 2012, American Cooner Magazine Cover

Kathryn Baxter of Mississippi is a Plott owner I’ve known for several years. She has rich family traditions, education and experience contributing to her enjoyment of Plotts. Here is Kathryn’s story:
“My father’s family had Walker hounds as early as the 1920’s. They possum hunted on a regular basis. Walker hounds were part of our family way of life until my grandfather, W.F. Baxter, died in 1945. My dad, Mack Baxter, and uncle, Dan Baxter, started the Beagle kennel in 1946 and it remained very much a part of our lives until my uncle’s death in 1994. I still have Beagles, one 13 inch, Hottex Rowdy Bobo and a 15 inch Beagle named Hottex Jake.  “I became involved with American Foxhounds in the summer of 1994 when I showed my first foxhound pup, Kelly Mt. Carolina Lady. Caroline was the daughter of CH Kelly Mt. Prime Time, who was owned by James and Judy Rea of Clarkesville, Georgia. As I became more involved with the foxhounds, I was fortunate enough to breed a litter in 1996 and obtain my first homebred Champion. Foxpaws KBAX Missouri Peach began her show career in May of 1997 as a six month old pup and became a Champion out of 9-12 month Puppy Class in November of 1997. In March of 1998, Miss Peach went into the top ten American Foxhounds at #4 and never looked back. When I retired her in 2002, she was # 7 and still going strong. She was an absolute joy in my life and in the show ring. We wore out a Bronco II and two Dodge vans showing all over the South and Midwest. Peach was a great traveller and we had many conversations while travelling. I miss her every day and still see her sweet, intelligent expressions in my mind. She certainly turned heads and attracted attention when she entered the ring.

“I acquired my first Plott in August of 2007. AKC CH/UKC GR CH Whitedeer Texas Playboy, also known as The Bobbster came into my life as a three month old puppy. He took over my heart and my life from the minute I first saw him. “Bobby” has been everything that I could have imagined and more. He is extremely intelligent and a very no nonsense hound. He means business in the ring and on the bench. His puppies are big, well built, smart and also no nonsense.
“I also have pups out of Neimeyer’s Plott Justine who came from Christina Officer’s kennels. Jussie’s pups are hunting hogs in North Mississippi and doing an outstanding job. Robin Nolan is their owner and trainer and is pleased with their progress at such a young age — 10 months.
“I have been very fortunate to have wonderful mentors for all of my dog breeds. My father, Mack Baxter, and my uncle, Dan Baxter, taught me what I know about Beagles and horses. Thanks to their early involvement in dogs and horses, they provided a foundation that has served me well for almost 61 years. My mentors in American Foxhounds are Mrs. Judy Rea and the late Mr. James M. Rea from Clarkesville, Georgia. The combined total of experience in the Rea family with the American Foxhound exceeds 100 years. The Reas have made a tremendous contribution to the foxhound breed and are to be commended for their persistence and hard work over the years. In the Plott breed, I could not ask for better mentors than Joe Burkett and Sonia Yearwood. Both have been a tremendous help over the past five years and I look forward to many more years of their help and friendship. I turn to them for all of my questions and clarification on coonhound history and details that I sometimes forget. Jackey Jones from Byhalia, Mississippi is a neighbor, UKC Bench Show Judge, and Master of Hounds. He is my judging mentor and neighbor as well.
“I am currently working toward becoming a UKC bench show judge and eventually expanding to include UKC multibreed judging. Plans for Plott hounds in 2012 include starting the young four month puppies on the bench in May and finishing their dam UKC/AKC CH Whitedeer KBAX Seven Spanish Angels to Grand Champion. My older pups are ten months old and have been shown on a limited basis, but once the summer approaches, they will be showing more also.”
My soapbox spiel continues. There is no possible way to totally illustrate the influence and power of wealthy “charities” operating at taxpayer expense. But donations from the “Hysterical Society of Uninformed Simpletons” continue to fund the Animal Rights (AR) campaign against pet and livestock owners as their lobbyists line the pockets of our legislators.

I attended a seminar in March at Paris, Texas hosted by AKC and Royal Canin. The information on breeding and nutrition was excellent, but the finale given by AKC Rep Stacy Mason was chilling. She is a former AKC Inspector and very familiar with federal, state and local laws regarding the breeding and owning of dogs. Her message emphasised the steady encroachment of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and their “sidekick” the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) as they continue to receive millions of dollars in donations from pet owners unaware they are contributing to the demise of ALL domestic animal ownership and a forced vegan diet. The animal rights (AR) goal is no meat, fish, poultry or dairy on menus worldwide. They use legislation pushed by AR lobbyists with deep pockets to create costly expenses for owning, maintaining and breeding pets and livestock.

“We have no problems with the extinction of domestic animals. They are creations of human selective breeding.”
Wayne Pacelle, CEO Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).
Animal People News, May 1993. www.HumaneWatch.org is a valid site for information about the AR activities and promotions. But I also recommend www.hsussucks.com. www.petakillsanimals.com and www.exposeanimalrights.com.
Hope to see y’all at competition events with your brindle hounds as I travel with Harley or judge bench shows and UKC multibreed shows.

By Sonia Yearwood, PO Box 894, Center, TX 75935, skybluplotts@yahoo.com

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