Trinity’s Hunting Trip

Rabbit Hunter, March 2012THE RABBIT HUNTER – Trinity, our seven year old granddaughter, was out of school for Thanksgiving. All she talked about was to go rabbit hunting with Pappy. I started taking her when she was two years old.

This girl has gotten serious about hunting! Trinity has become a tomboy but she can dress and act like a princess, too. This is the first child or grandchild that has taken up hunting with me.

I’m loving every minute of it.

On Monday before Thanksgiving, I called Tony Ridenour to see if he wanted to go hunting with us. This man was ready; he’s a hunting machine. We talked about dogs and places to go and what time to meet. It was decided to go to one of our favorite places.

Tuesday found us getting up early and Trinity was up bouncing around all excited. She couldn’t wait to get breakfast down and get out of the house. When we got to the kennel, I decided to load Sammy, my ten year old male; my three year old female plus two of my 14 month old pups. We’ve taken several rabbits with this pack of dogs. These two pups are coming on and they have a lot of hunt and search.

We met Tony at eight o’clock at one of our favorite places. Trinity started hollering that she was turning the dogs loose [out of the box.] Trinity helps in the kennel as she teaches the pups how to lead. She loves handling the puppies for me. She can really calm the pups down to handle well.

We got the dogs across the creek and into the woods. Boy, were they ready to strut their stuff. They were hunting up and down the creek then up the side of the ridge. There! It was Sam that opened first, then Sadie and the other two opened. The way the rabbit was running along the side of the ridge I knew this was going to be good. This rabbit was ready to kick the kinks out of his legs this morning. He was passing the holes up on the ridge like he was saying “catch me if you can.” They went  down the ridge, through the gully and back up the ridge.

Then there was a loss and Sam picked his scent up again. The race was on again. He decided to run through the honeysuckle and then he popped into the field. Tony saw him and then his .410 sounded; a miss and then hollering for the dogs. This rabbit decided to go to ground after a 45 minute run.

We talked about the race and the good dog work. This was a good day for scenting for the dogs. I teased Tony about missing this rabbit. I told him he should go to Walmart and buy a flipper and a bag of marbles as he could take just as many rabbits.

Laughs all around.

We started the dogs back into the briar patch to hunt. Sadie opened up then followed by Abby.We had two rabbits up at the same time. Abby brought her rabbit through the woods and Tony was waiting for him. Boom! Tony got him. Tony didn’t want to buy a flipper and a bag of marbles. His shooting eye got better real quick.

Sadie, Sam and Peggy were taking the other rabbit down the edge of the field. Abby caught up to the dogs and the race was on. They went back into the woods and around the pond. We could hear the dogs as they were bringing this rabbit back home. Our eyes hurt as we were looking everywhere for this rabbit. There was a big rock pile the rabbits run to every time and back out into the edge of the field. The dogs were getting closer but still we didn’t see the rabbit. This rabbit had been run before. He slipped under the rock from the other side. The dogs showed us which hole he was in. This rabbit was safe for another day. What a good day for running the dogs with good friends.

What a blessing from the Lord!

By Kenny Bean, 315 New Clear Branch Road, Lake City, TN 37769