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Barking Up The Right Tree – Full Cry

     Happy February to all! By the time you read this, Christmas and the New Year will be behind us. Here’s hoping 2013 will be much better for everybody.
My friend Mark Jordan and I talked a little today. Mark has …

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Stephens breeders Association : Full Cry

Hello from Northeast Ohio. The weather has been pretty warm and dry. We have had only about 2/10ths of rain the whole month. Rose and I put the garden out and have been having to water it every other night …

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Written in Stone : Full Cry

Greetings from South Georgia. The August heat has arrived in the month of May and nothing idles by slower than a sizzling Southern summer.
We have caught hogs this month but not without a struggle. Neither man nor dog is …

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Barking up the right Tree : Full Cry

“Barking up the Right Tree” is one of the best ways I know of to get the news of what’s happening in my part of the world with some help from Full Cry. (Ha, ha.)
It’s dry around here; we …

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Full Cry W.W. Squirrel Hunting Club

June 2012 Full Cry Magazine CoverHello from Central South Carolina. I hope everyone is doing well. I’ve been lazy for a good many months now about sending in some club news. Some of our members have gotten onto me about this and I just make …

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Short Timber Squirrel hunter

June 2012 Full Cry Magazine CoverFULL CRY – We would like to thank everyone for all the phone calls we received from everyone concerned about our health.

Thanks again for your calls and prayers. We are about 95% cured.
My eye is cured and I …

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Gearing Up For Next Season

June 2012 Rabbit Hunter Magzine CoverRABBIT HUNTER – Most hunters, other than Beaglers, are able to survive several hunting seasons before they have to consider buying new gear. Truth be told, sitting in a stand or blind might wear out the seat of your pants …

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Written In Stone

June 2012 Full Cry Magazine CoverFULL CRY – Greetings from South Georgia. The drought continues to impact hog hunting here. Of course, the lack of rainfall affects the farm in more ways than just hog hunting. There are 25 irrigation lines on this farm which …

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