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Hello from Northeast Ohio. The weather has been pretty warm and dry. We have had only about 2/10ths of rain the whole month. Rose and I put the garden out and have been having to water it every other night to try and keep it from just burning up. She put a bunch of flowers out and we mulched everything down but have been having to still water them also. They are calling for 80% chance of rain tonight and 90% tomorrow and we sure need it. The farmers all pretty much have their first cutting of hay in and all their corn and beans planted. Most corn is up 4-6” and if we don’t get rain soon, the corn will dry up and the hay will never come back for addition cuttings. It seems everyone around us is getting thunderstorms and down pours. The other day at work, which is 25 miles from where I live we had storms and the power went out for about an hour. It really came down but when I got home the rain gauge was empty and we did not get a drop.
Just a reminder that it is time to get ready and make plans for the Fall Stephens Hunt and annual meeting. By the time this goes to print it will be just around the corner. It has been rescheduled for the last weekend in September. I have not had any correspondence in the last month from any of the members, so don’t know who is planning on being there. We are hoping the temperatures will not be too bad that time of year and the bugs will not be a major factor. Mark Wilson is probably trying to get things set up.
This past month I have received a couple of different phone calls inquiring about buying a Stephens Stock. Both calls kind of got me to thinking as to why they were considering a Stephens Stock when both gentlemen were looking for a silent track dog. Neither man knew that the breed standard was for an open track dog. They both liked the pictures they saw in the magazine, but I guess they knew nothing about the breed. I tried to educate them a little bit, they thanked me, and stated they would have to look elsewhere for the type of cur they were looking for. I know I have talked about the breed standards quite a bit, but I guess I need to include them every so often.
Dogs must be of the two original strains: Mainly Stephens or McConnell. Other strains to be accepted if proven to be Mt. Cur and these dogs are accepted by the registrar.
COLOR: Black, white markings are permissible.
HEAD: Dome flat, wide between the eyes, fairly short muzzle, head carried well up. Eyes brown or dark, prominent and expressive.
BODY: Deep broad chest, back straight and strong, shoulders up clean and muscular, tail medium length, feet cat paw type, neck medium in length, coat smooth or rough, but not wooly.
SIZE: Height: 16” not over 23”. Weight: not over 55 pounds.
VOICE: Open with a good change over at tree.
CHARACTERISTICS: Strong treeing instinct capable of training for any game, guard dogs, companionable, alert fast hunters.
Anyone wanting to join the Stephens Breeders Association can write Mark Wilson, 398 N. Indian Hill Road, Hawesville, KY 42348 or call 270-927-6039. Chad Hatfield can also assist and his phone number is 270-286-0076. Mark and Chad go out of their way to help anyone interested in the Little Black Dogs.
Until next month, keep those Little Black Dogs in the woods doing what they were bred to do and remember to register and vote in November.

By Greg Hessedence

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