Sporting Dog Association of Missouri

Rabbit Hunter, April 2012RABBIT HUNTER – I would like to congratulate the winners of the 2011 Sporting Dog Association of Missouri Little Pack Hound of the Year! It was another successful and fun year. We raised a total of $248 for the Sporting Dog Association of Missouri. I would like thank Ken Chenawith and Sportmix. Sportmix donated 1,500 pounds of High Energy Adult Mini Chunk (blue bag).

The winners of each of the three classes received 500 pounds and the runner- up each received 50 pounds. The open class was won by Stavemill’s Blue Knothead, owned by Chris and Laura Wells of Potosi. Second was M&K’s Junie’s P-Ditto, owned by Mark Freeman of Ellington. Coming in third was Murray’s Crazy Horse, owned by Adam Eidson of Macks Creek. There were 20 open dogs entered.

KIK Big Mac, owned by Melvin Shrauger of Linn Creek, won the Champion class. Second was Hall’n Reggies Checkmate, owned by Chris and Laura Wells.  Murray’s Crazy Horse, owned by Adam Edison, and Smith’s Polly, owned by Everett Cullen of Macks Creek, tied for third. Thirteen total entries in the Champion class.

There were only three entries in the Grand Champion class. KIK Spankin Copper, also owned by Melvin Shrauger, took first place. KIK Caesar, owned by Casey Cunningham of LaMonte, was second and Hicktown Hanky Panky, owned by Bill Arnold of Lee’s Summit, was third.  As you can see, Stavemill Kennels and Melvin Shrauger were packing more than one good dog all year.

We would like to point out that Adam Eidson with his Horse dog was third in both the open and champion class. Horse became a Champion halfway through the year and had to start his points all over.

Again, a special thanks to Sportmix Dog Food!  Sportmix and Ken has supported Henry County Beagle Club for years. It was a pleasure to work with them in making the Missouri Little Pack Hound of the Year a success.

Sportmix supports the dog owners and the organizations that protect our hunting rights.

The Sporting Dog Association of Missouri is an organization that does many things for the hound owners. It works with the Missouri Department of Conservation with laws and regulations, that help hunting dog owners.

It also helps advise dog owners who have been unfairly treated, such as having a dog stolen, killed, etc. It also has a lobbyist in Jefferson City that watches for bills that may jeopardize any of our rights as dog owners. With the animal rights activists pushing their agendas; we, as dog owners, hunters, outdoorsmen, and as Americans, must stick together and support organizations that support our rights!

I suggest that anyone who owns hunting dogs and wants their children and grandchildren to enjoy the rights that we have, to get involved in a similar organization in their state. If you would like more information or would like to join the Sporting dog Association of Missouri, please contact me. Thank you and God bless!

By Casey Cunningham

Rabbit Hunter, April 2012 – Casey Cunningham – Missouri sporting dog association