Short Timber Squirrel hunter

June 2012 Full Cry Magazine CoverFULL CRY – We would like to thank everyone for all the phone calls we received from everyone concerned about our health.

Thanks again for your calls and prayers. We are about 95% cured.
My eye is cured and I have new glasses and had the prescription changed. It sure is good to have some vision in it now when I came so close to losing it.

I’ll make your day. When I first went to the V.A. Eye Clinic, I was tired of fooling with the local optometrist and thought I would take advantage of the V.A. Clinic since some of my vet friends had good results. It’s a hundred miles round trip but they gave me travel pay which paid for my gas.

Anyway, on January 28, I sat down in the chair for the examination and the young lady took one look at my eye that was roughly turned wrong side out and went for more doctors, one of them was an older lady who also took one look and said, “Mr. Craig, we can’t fit you with glasses.”

I asked why not and she said, “You have herpes.” I nearly came out of that chair. I said, “No way. Herpes is a dirty, scabby venereal disease!” and they all laughed. I was about to lose my cool as the young folks would say when the doctor said, “The herpes you have is a very viral virus. Very contagious to your eyes. You catch it in many ways. A common fever blister is a type of herpes and you can catch it from door knobs in public places, off of push carts, etc. We can cure this, but you nearly waited too long. You be back here Thursday morning early to start treatments.” I was there before they opened the doors which is 6 AM and they gave me some eye drops.

Like I said, I went twice a week until the last of March before my eye was cured. Those doctors were very congenial and ready to answer any of my foolish questions and saved my eye. I know it was their job but they seemed to take a personal interest and were very considerate of this old man and saved my eye and sight.

The ones who took care of me after the first initial visit were Dr. Kyle Edwards and Ashley Leightenberger. Kyle is from Checotah, OK and Ashley is from Sheffield, PA. They were very competent. Ashley goes back to Pennsylvania in May.

Mr. Cooper called checking on my female that got bred. He wants one of the puppies and maybe two.
I’ll get back to our health. After my wife went to Tulsa to see a new doctor, she immediately began to improve and now is driving her car and doing things she couldn’t do all winter since last September.
Dick Bare called and we had a long and enjoyable visit. He said he would call again and we could talk dogs. Dick has quite a sense of humor.

Mr. Lockridge called from Virginia and we talked almost an hour. He is a retired auctioneer and can still talk fast. He is supposed to call again and also send me some pictures.

Jim Carroll calls regularly and to let us know what is happening with his family and their activities.
Bud Lewman said his little Ginger was about to whelp. He has 52 new baby goats and just finished a new goat fence. With the price of goats rising, he should be able to go to the bank this fall. He also has black cows.

I’ve gotten an inch of rain this morning since I started this column. I saw last Saturday some people baling wheat for hay and some cutting grass hay. This rain should help a lot towards hay meadows.
My black mulberries are ripe which will help feed the squirrels if there is any in the bottoms and ridges.
There was a fox squirrel here the other day and the dogs had it treed. That’s the first I’ve seen in a long time. Plenty  of coon, bobcats, boo-coo coyotes and wild hogs.

I haven’t heard much about the spring wild turkey hunts yet.

I’m sending a bit of news concerning our controlled hunt applications. Some Okie might not have this.
Controlled Hunts Application Online Now
The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation’s popular controlled hunts program is open to online applicants now.

The controlled hunts program offers once in a lifetime elk and antelope hunts, highly sought after buck hunts and a range of other quality deer and turkey hunting opportunities through randomized drawings that only cost sportsmen $5 to enter. Opportunities offered through the program include hunts on Department or other government owned or managed lands where unrestricted hunting would pose safety concerns or where overharvest might occur.

The online application process takes just a few minutes and must be completed through the Wildlife Department’s website at wildlifedepartment.com Applicants have until May 15 to submit their applications.

“You just can’t beat $5 for a chance at an Oklahoma big game or gobbler hunt in the unique areas offered through this program,” said Melinda Sturgess-Streich, assistant director of Administration and Finance for the Wildlife Department. “Whether you want to hunt a bull elk in the Wichita Mountains, an antelope in the panhandle or a trophy buck at locations across the state like the McAlester Army Ammunition Plant, the controlled hunts program is one of the best things going in Oklahoma hunting.”
All applicants, including lifetime license holders, must pay the $5 application fee to enter the controlled hunts drawings. The fee is paid only once per person per year regardless of the number of categories entered. Applications are offered online through a secure process that only accepts applications once they have been filed correctly and a print out confirmation page is available for sportsmen to document their submitted application.
Log on to http://www.wildlifedepartment.com/controlledhunts.htm for complete application instructions, including tips on enhancing changes of being selected as well as a full listing of available hunts for elk, deer, antelope and turkey.

After I was finished my scripture reading and started my prayers early this morning and thanking the Lord for the rain, I knew when it began it was His will when it started lightning and I heard a clap of thunder. It was an answer to a prayer. The Lord hears all prayers and answers at His will. He also teaches us to be patient.

Dick Bare asked me if I knew how many books were in the Bible and I couldn’t tell him but I can now. There are 39 books in the Old Testament and 26 in the New Testament.
My three-legged pup is growing and seems to get around very well. I’m sending a picture of him with this column.

In the past I have said Full Cry is like a letter from home to me, but the news isn’t always good. Claude Thomas  told me of the passing of Joe Brewer. I always liked him and we had many good visits together. He had a good bloodline of Mt. Curs.

Claude also told me Mort Garinger passed also. Mort went back a long way with the Mt. Curs and always had a good sense of humor. I’m sure we all pray for their families at this time of grief and know the Lord is taking good care of Mort and Joe.

Our squirrel season opened on May 15. I hope we have some to hunt. I personally wouldn’t care if it wasn’t closed for a year so as the squirrel population could recuperate.

There seems to be several squirrels in town where they feed from bird feeders and other sources where wild hogs don’t get all the feed and the town surplus can re-seed the woods.

I hope everyone has a good season and good luck with their dogs. I’m seeing more dogs on TV being used in different programs and people are realizing their worth in our lives.

I’m still the Short Timber Squirrel Hunter, Richard E. Craig.

By Richard E Craig

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