Pennsylvania State Two Day Speed and Drive Field Trial and Bench Show

Wade and Carol Gray’s Springs Kennels takes Derby, Jay Roberts wins All –Age, Frank Hall takes Best in Show and Jim Rogers wins Best Opposite Sex.

Great weather, good game conditioning and superb hounds combined to make another memorable PA State Two-Day Field Trail and Bench Show. David Wride did a great job serving as Master of Hounds and providing his computer program.

We also witnessed a crisp, proficient Bench Show, with Dave Hall acting as ringmaster for Virginia’s Leroy Neighbors, who judged the championship event.

A sincere thank you to the following judges: Dick Bednarczyk, Richard Ross, David Hall, Cas Bonczewski, Roy Rosenbaum, David Wride, Brian Coleman, Dave Susz, Jack Sorber, Chip Sorber, Walter Vosefski and Tim Carr (Tim also served as our computer operator). We are also grateful to Gene, Staci and Richard Molyneaux who continue to host many of our events and are continually responsive to all of our requests.

Special thanks to the folks behind the scenes. Sometimes we forget to give the credit to those who work the hardest during our field trial. They cooked, cleaned, sold merchandise, set up the booths, tore them down and performed a countless number of other tasks.  They are: Martin Carr, Jr., Pat Carr, Gerry Ross, Michael Jaskulski, and Deanne Wride.

We are also grateful to those who donated salads and a wide variety of spectacular baked goods.

We are ever grateful to our faithful sponsors: Johnson’s Telemetry, Prowler-Quick Track and Ainsworth Pet Nutrition (Enhance Dog Food).

Finally, thank you to all from Pennsylvania, New York and Canada, who entered hounds in this year’s event. None of this would be possible if it were not for your support.


All-Age HGA: 1. Fire Ring Noel (Nielson’s Wildman ex Nielson’s Vegas), Jay Robert’s Fire Ring Kennel, Mercer, PA; 2. Tim’s Hawk (Ch. Bonavita’s Flake ex Rock-n-Roll Peanut), Tim Parmeter, Lisbon, NY; 3. Frosted Flake (Ch. Bonavita’s Flake ex Baby Ruth), Tim Parmeter; 4. Sherry (Locust Grove Blitz ex Locust Grove Dawn), Jim Rogers, Forkston Township, PA; 5. Rockhill’s Miss Woo Woo (Rockhill’s Sticker Dog ex Hunt Em Up’s Phantom), Ivan and Kathy vanLeeuwen, Verona, Ontario; 6. JZ’s Reba (Ch. Farrow’s Hitman ex Sheridan’s Patsy), Jim Zittel, Strykersville, NY; 7. Miss Troubles (Ch. Bonavita’s Flake ex Bonavita’s Lucy), Dale Arthur, Sr., Springville, PA; 8. Rockhill’s Darth Vader (Dry Branch Roy ex Dry Branch Rockin Robin), Ivan and Kathy vanLeeuwen; 9. Aug. (f) Ch.

Rockhill’s Firefly (Rockhill’s Sticker Dog ex Hunt Em Up’s Phantom), Ivan and Kathy vanLeeuwen; and 10. Shaker (Ch. Bonavita’s Flake ex Bonavita’s Lucy), Dale Arthur Sr., Springville, PA.

All-Age Combination: Fire Ring Noel, Jay Roberts, Fire Ring Kennel.

Derby HGA: 1. Spring’s Sky (Leafloor Rocky ex Leafloor Molly), Springs Kennels, Wade and Carol Gray; 2. Cascade Scarlett (Hemphill’s Crazy Horse ex Cascade Sheri), Frank Hall; 3. R&S TC (Lofton’s Godfather ex Foxhaven Outcast), Ron Davis; 4. Wrightman’s Iceman (Run Em Down Bullet ex Wrightman’s Lil), Al Wrightman; 5. Cascade Josh (Hemphill’s Crazy Horse ex Cascade Whitney), Frank Hall; 6. Matthews’ Amber (Run Em Down Bullet ex  Wrightman’s Lil), Bob Matthews; 7. Rockhill’s Pinkie (Ch. Rockhill’s Clothes Line ex Locust Grove), Ivan and Kathy vanLeeuwen; 8. Pete’s Deuce (Hillbilly’s Tuggy ex Neilson’s Edna), Dave Peterson; 9. Springs Shy (Rockhill’s Clothes Line ex Crazy Sally), Springs Kennels, Wade and Carol Gray; and 10. Hollerswamp Lit’ Girl (Hollerswamp Tinman ex Hollerswamp Mena), Neil Hooley.

Derby Combination: Springs’ Sky, Springs Kennels, Wade and Carol Gray.


Best in Show: Cascade Rhymer, Frank Hall.

Best Opposite Sex: Sherry, Jim Rogers.

All-Age Male: 1. Jay’s Swiper (Steele’s Ohio ex Jay’s Anjie), Jay Morris; 2. JZ’S Kennedy (Saugeen Waco ex JZ’s Dee), Jim Zittel; 3. Rock-N-Roll Razor (J’s Top Ten ex Miss Louisiana), Tim Parmeter; 4. Fire Ring “T” Bone (Cascade Stinger ex Lawman’s Arson), Jay Robert’s Fire Ring Kennel; and 5. Little George (Shenold’s Dan II ex Shenold’s Roxie), Gary and Donna Jareo.

All-Age Female: 1. Sherry (Locust Grove Blitz ex Locust Grove Dawn), Jim Rogers; 2. Cascade Elana (Hemphill’s Crazy Horse ex  Cascade Sassy), Frank Hall; 3. JZ’S Reba (Ch. Farrow’s Hitman ex Sheridan’s Patsy), Jim Zittel; 4. Cascade Black Widow (Hemphill’s Crazy Horse ex Cascade Sassy), Frank Hall; and 5. Fire Ring Noel (Nielson’s Wildman ex Nielson’s Vegas), Jay Robert’s Fire Ring Kennel.

Derby Male: 1. Cascade Rhymer (Hemphill’s Crazy Horse ex Cascade Whitney), Frank Hall; 2. Cascade Josh (Hemphill’s Crazy Horse ex Cascade Whitney), Frank Hall; 3. R&S TC (Lofton’s Godfather ex Foxhaven Outcast), Ron Davis; 4. Springs Rebel (Rockhill’s Clothes Line ex Crazy Sally), Springs Kennels, Wade and Carol Gray; and 5. Pete’s Deuce (Hillbilly’s Tuggy ex Neilson’s Edna), Dave Peterson.

Derby Female: 1. Springs Shy (Rockhill’s Clothes Line ex Crazy Sally), Springs Kennels, Wade and Carol Gray; 2. Cascade Scarlett (Hemphill’s Crazy Horse ex Cascade Sheri), Frank Hall; 3. Springs Sky (Leafloor Rocky ex Leafloor Molly), Springs Kennels, Wade and Carol Gray; 4. Rock-N-Roll Shelly (J’s Top Ten ex Kyle Little Crazy), Tim Parmeter; and 5. Jay’s Holly (Steele’s Ohio ex Jay’s Anjie), Jay Morris.