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Full Cry March 2012 CoverFULL CRY – Okay, so here it is already March! Hopefully, our winter is thinking about being done and spring is right around the corner! As I write this, our winter this year has been pretty dang nice. I know our Spring Classic is coming up on March 17 in Jamestown and we are looking forward to it and hope to see you there. We also get to change our clocks forward this month. Ugh! I hate time changes!

I received a nice photo from Hoot Smith’s family in Oklahoma. Hoot is pictured with Thelma, the mule, and two of his dogs, Lil Bo Peep and Shesa Lil Rammy Jammy after a couple nights of hunting. Hoot is 15 and is quite the horse trainer and loves hunting. Keep up the good work!

I also received a picture from Terry Mott of 10 year old Tyler Stokes from Calvert City, KY. He took his first squirrel while hunting at Land Between the Lakes. Tyler shot the squirrel with his new 20 gauge Rossi single barrel shot gun that his uncle just bought him for Christmas. Along to help Tyler on the hunt was his grandpa’s dog, King, a three year old Mountain Cur. Tyler often hunts with his grandfather, Marvin Stokes, dad, Jeff Stokes, and two uncles, Carey and Kevin Stokes. Tyler took his second squirrel the very next day again at LBL. Thanks for the photo and keep up the good work, Tyler.

Terry Mott also sent a picture of his 11 year old grandson, Luke Young, and Luke’s dog, Lucky Sonny, after a two and a half hour hunt and a limit of squirrels. The pup is from My Name is Nobody but better known to all as Trinity. Trinity passed away in January and will be missed by many. Several of us were able to enjoy Trinity and his exceptional hunting skills. I know there are some good pups out of him, too.

I know it is early to be speaking about the NKC World Youth Hunt but we have a date so I thought you might want to write it down on a calendar – August 18. I hope you can attend. It is one of the very best hunts for youth around which offer free prizes, super trophies, free eats and best of all, you don’t have to know how to competition hunt; the guides will help and maybe teach a little sportsmanship along the way too. We have extra dogs there  for those of you who wouldn’t have a dog to hunt. It is held in Millersburg, MO at the Lion’s Club. Several campers usually show up and there is plenty of room for that. There is a novice hunt for those who are super young and prices are very reasonable for the day. I know we always look forward to taking several dogs for the kids to use and are very pleased to see the smiling faces when the awards are handed out. If anyone would like to make donations towards the trophies and prizes, this would be greatly appreciated! Contact Nick Clark, 573-219-1956 or at nick.clark@yahoo.com for further information. It is never too early to plan to come to this hunt.

You might want to check out www.omcba.com. I’ve worked seven hours getting it up-to-date. You might want to check out the youth photos posted now for 2011 and 2012. The hunt results for 2011 are up along with some photos. Hall of Fame dog pictures are posted and the board minutes are on.

Information on upcoming hunts will be posted as soon as I have it. My home desktop computer and satellite service still hate Homestead services or vice versa but I can work on my laptop where there is Wi-Fi offered. It’s not the best situation but at least the web pages are up to date now.

I also received a nice picture of Isaac Peavyhouse and his 10 point deer he took from his tree stand. Tim, Isaac’s dad, said Isaac waits impatiently every month for the next Full Cry and looks at it for hours when it arrives. When he gets home from school he is either squirrel hunting or sitting in a stand hunting.

Last year he took an eight point deer larger than the 10 pointer he killed this year. He has a couple of friends who live a mile away who go hunting with him after school and on weekends.

His friends did attend the World Hunt and are trying to talk their dad into getting a puppy soon. The boys love to go hunting and always make the tailgate shots their Facebook profile pictures.

They are brothers, Austin and Mason Cravens.  Also included is Madison Sinnett and a puppy at the 2011 World Hunt.

We hope everyone can attend some of the upcoming hunts advertised in the good magazine. I also hope to hear from you. I enjoy including your photos here in the column for all to see. Remember, there is only one thing that is constant and that is everything changes.

Your friend, Mary.

By Mary Clark, 8550 Mtn. Cur Lane, Mountain Grove, MO 65711,