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Full Cry March 2012 CoverFULL CRY – Hello to all you Plott guys and gals out there! Hope you’re getting those brindle dogs in the woods. Our winter here in WV has been a mild one. It’s nice to be able to get out and work our dogs. That’s a huge change from the last few winters. I was so excited to receive our yearbook! I really enjoyed paging thru it after I fought it out of Chip’s hands. There are a few extra copies of 2010 NPHA Yearbook if you failed to get your membership paid in 2010. There are also older books available. Call Gary Cox, 828-645-3705 home or 828-713-7509 cell. Thanks to all who had a hand in getting the yearbook out.

Now, it is time to concentrate on the 2011 yearbook. I would like to encourage everyone to contribute. Information is now being accepted. The deadline for pictures, stories, ads, etc. is April 1, 2012. There will not be any exceptions. The editor is Tracey Steeg, and you will find her contact information below. Photos for the bear, hog, cat and coon sections are needed as well as any stories you would like to submit.

Tracey Steeg/Yearbook Editor, 35143 Third Street, LeMars, IA 51031, phone: (712) 546-5801, email: traceme21@hotmail.com

Member Yearbook ad prices:

  • Full Page (no more than 2 pictures) $75 B&W; $150 color
  • 1/2 Page (1 picture) $50 B&W; $75 color
  • 1/4 Page (1 picture) $25 B&W only
  • Inside Front and back cover (no more than 2 pictures) – $200 B&W; $250 color
  • Back Outside Cover (no more than 2 pictures) $300 color only Business ads or non-members:
  • Full Page B&W $100; $175 Color
  • 1/2 Page ads – $75 B&W; $100 Color

I spoke with fellow Plotter Ed Vanness this month. We had a really nice conversation about his Virginia bear hunting adventures. I always enjoy hearing tales of the hunt. I hope all of you readers will feel free to call or write me anytime. Last month I included a picture of a huge black bear. Albert Clark and Gary Vanness were in the photo as well. Ed shared the following account of the hunt that resulted in the harvesting of that VA bear.

“He was big and mean,

bad to the bone.

Seven Eagle Mountain Plotts

Would not leave him alone

When he was mauling Hammer

Jabo pulled out his 44

Blackie would bite no more.

“Once again, the club members met at the entrance gate at Sheet Mountain. We decided who was rigging where. Clay and Gary Vanness, Albert Clark, Tommy Perky, Nathan Thomas, and myself started rigging up the north side of Sheets Mountain. Just passing the Mine Road, Black Boy opened.

“All together we were packing 24 Plotts that were ready to run and fight a bear.  As we got them lined out up the mountain, they left in single file. We proceeded to the top just in time to hear a roar going down a steep hallow on the south side.

“One could tell they had caught up with the bear and were fighting on the ground. Some real dog music was ringin’ up out of the hollow as the bear and dogs crossed up and over three or four steep pine ridges.

“By now we were following dogs on the GPS units, when for some unknown reason, one dog pulled of the bear; taking more than half the pack with it.

“Now we had dogs going left and dogs going right and down the mountain. Clay, Tommy and myself went back to the state road in case the pack would have crossed the road going to Stomping Ground. Albert, Gary and Nathan continued down the south side.

“The lead dogs were still on the mountain in a deep hollow so we decided to continue around the mountain and come in on the south side, back to the lead pack, as for now they were very low on the mountain.

“We had started picking up dogs when Gary came on the radio, wanting to know where we were located. We told him we were about a fourth of a mile away from the lead pack, his response was, ‘Get here fast, I need help. The bear is on the ground and fighting the dogs. He is big!’ This had been going on for about two hours from the time we cut loose. “As we got to the end of the road, Albert was at the truck. He said, “I think they have got him bayed on the ground, Get in there boys.

“We were maybe 300 yards from the action, as we hastily moved in that direction, now in an old clear cut, made the going slower. We were within 15 yards when a gunshot rang out. Silence. Then, the dogs went crazy. A second shot rang out. The dogs had forced the bear under a rock with only his front paws and head sticking above ground. Gary turned to us saying, “Sorry boys, but I couldn’t wait any longer. I tried to get all the dogs tied back but when he grabbed Hammer, and sucked him in like a huge vacuum cleaner, hoping I could save him, I shot the bear. A good hunt turned into a bad situation. Thanks for the GPS system and Gary’s bravery, without them, more dogs would have been lost. Tommy and Nathan had now arrived and we were all guessin’ the weight. His weight was 405 pounds.”

Wow! That was an amazing hunt. I really appreciate you contributing, Ed! I loved the poem you wrote too! I will include some more photos of this monster bruin next month. I ran out of picture space this time.

I would like to remind everyone that NPHA membership runs from January 1-December 31 of each year. If you aren’t already a member, take the time to join. It’s worth the $20 membership ($25 for the family). Make sure you include a phone number with your dues. Feel free to send them to me (address listed at the top) or go to the NPHA website (also listed at the top) and download the form there. The NPHA website will keep you abreast of all the current news and issues of the Plott world. Take a look, it is very interesting.

Have a great month and until next time, the Brindle side is waiting – bring someone over.

The Michigan State Championship was hosted by the Great Northern Raccoon Club in June 2011. Cory Hall sent me photos of the event. Please take the time to enjoy them at the end of the column. Thanks so much, Cory.