Missouri Interstate Fox and Wolf Hunters Ass’n.

Hunter's Horn, Feb 2012The Missouri Interstate Fox and Wolf Hunters Association had its 85th Annual Field Trial and Bench Show on September 16-18 at Pierce City, MO. We’d like to thank all the hunters that came out on such a rainy weekend and still had a lot of fun and great sportsmanship. We kicked off the weekend by trading dogs on Friday morning and entering hounds.

Some even gave the newly traded dogs a try. The cook shack was always bustling, while some hunters bunched up by the campfire and you had better look out for the kids riding their bikes. We would like to thank the cooks: Brenda Reynolds, Janice Williams, Barbara Wallace and Billie and Kristy Sivils.

Saturday morning we cast 60 dogs at daylight and had some good running until the thunderstorm hit, then all the hounds took cover under the trucks. Master of Hounds John Renkoski decided to call it an hour early since no one could see or hear thru the rain. Saturday night we had a free hog roast cooked by Clayton Beaver, enjoyed by the locals and hunters. Following that, we had the children’s handling class. Judges Kelly Bishop and Cole Brown decided they were all showing great so each of them got free Frosty coupons and money. Next up, everyone enjoyed the bench show and the raffle drawing with over $1,200 in prizes.

Sunday was a repeat of the day before. We cast 48 dogs, had a rain storm and it was called an hour early. The scores were figured up and the awards were held Sunday afternoon. President Ronnie Williams called it a great success. We hope everyone had a good time and we’re already excited for the next hunt.

Thanks to our sponsors: Quick Track, Sportmix, Wildlife Materials, Nitehunters, The Hunter’s Horn, The Chase, Cabelas, Midway Telemetry, Pizza Hut, Wendy’s, Orscheln’s Farm and Home, MFA, Southside Feed, Custom Collars, Show-Me Light, Countryside Flowers, Simon’s Choice Dog Food, O’Reilly’s, Tim Rion, Metcalf Auto Supply, Pierce City AG Service Center, and Main Street Feeds.


All-Age HGA:

  • 1. Dan (not given), Aaron Bell;
  • 2. Sonnie Joe Bob (not given), Wayne Wallace;
  • 3. Powerstroke Lexus (Powerstroke Boss ex Ch. Magee’s Dot), Bob Peniston;
  • 4. Fast Fast Eddie, Wayne Wallace;
  • 5. Buzz (Koon’s Cherokee Buck ex Bushley Creek Honey), On Edge Kennel;
  • 6. James Toby (Hoehner’s Slinger H ex TWT White Ella), Ed James;
  • 7. Fancy, Wayne Wallace;
  • 8. Drywood Belle (Drywood Timber ex Ch. Drywood Tara), Dan and Linda Riley;
  • 9. Ace, Cam Reynolds; and
  • 10. Drywood Forrest (Drywood Timber ex Ch. Drywood Tara), Dan and Linda Riley.

All-Age Combination: 1: Fast Fast Eddie, Wayne Wallace.

Derby HGA:

  • 1: On Edge Outlaw (White River Gray Boy ex Kent’s Jessie), On Edge Kennel;
  • 2. On Edge Diamond (Martin’s Dude ex Waldon’s Maggie), On Edge Kennel;
  • 3. Sommer, Jimmy Lee;
  • 4. Powerstroke Butch (Powerstroke Boss ex Ch. H&P Gypsy), Bob Peniston;
  • 5. Termit #2, Calvin Renfro;
  • 6. Drywood Redmond (Master’s Revenge ex Paris Oreo), Dan and Linda Riley;
  • 7. Tripple Creek, Calvin Renfro;
  • 8. Powerstroke Reba (Gunkel’s Nitro Duck ex
  • Gunkel’s Krazy Lady), Bob Peniston;
  • 9. Brownie; Aaron Bell; and
  • 10 Little May, Jesse Sweet.

Derby Combination: On Edge Outlaw, On Edge Kennel.


Best in Show: Drywood Forrest, Dan and Linda Riley.

Best Opposite Sex: Drywood Belle, Dan and Linda Riley.

All-Age Male:

  • 1: Drywood Forrest (Drywood Timber ex Ch. Drywood Tara), Dan and Linda Riley;
  • 2. Drywood Rascal (Captain ex Black Pepper), Dan and Linda Riley;
  • 3. Ronnie (White River Gray Boy ex White River Glenda), Jimmy Lee;
  • 4. Buzz (Koon’s Cherokee Buck ex Bushley Creek Honey), On Edge Kennel; and
  • 5. Powerstroke Bob (Ch. Powerstroke Charger ex C.M.’s Sassy), Bob Peniston.

All-Age Female:

  • 1: Drywood Belle (Drywood Timber ex Ch. Drywood Tara), Dan and Linda Riley;
  • 2. Drywood Ava (Drywood Timber ex Ch. Drywood Tara), Dan and Linda Riley;
  • 3. Molly, Aaron Bell;
  • 4. Saddie, Jimmy Lee;
  • 5. Fancy, Wayne Wallace.

Derby Male:

  • 1. Drywood Pistol (Drywood Rascal ex Ch. Drywood Tara), Dan and Linda Riley;
  • 2. Drywood Redmond (Master’s Revenge ex Paris Oreo), Dan and Linda Riley;
  • 3. On Edge Outlaw (White River Gray Boy ex Kent’s Jessie), On Edge Kennel;
  • 4. Cain’s Rex (Harper’s Tony ex Yankee Ridge Black Gal), Adam and LeRoy Cain.

Derby Female:

  • 1: On Edge Diamond (Martin’s Dude ex Waldon’s Maggie), On Edge Kennel;
  • 2. Sommer, Jimmy Lee;
  • 3. Powerstroke Bessy (Ch. Tyree’s John Dennis ex Ch. Lowry’s Red Robin), Bob Peniston;
  • 4. Little May, Jesse Sweet.

Best Pack: Drywood Belle, Drywood Ava and Drywood Pistol, Dan and Linda Riley.

Best Pair: Drywood Belle and Drywood Ava, Dan and Linda Riley

Pup 0-6 Months and Best in Show: Puppy, Kent Williams.

Best Opposite Sex: Mary Jane, On Edge Kennel.

Natural Carriage: On Edge Outlaw, On Edge Kennel.