Mid-Arkansas Beagle Club

15″ OPENS: 1st. Hank’s Backwoods Nash, Lane Rugg;  2nd. J-O’s Lady Bug, Charles A. Stevenson; 3rd. Frances Creek Willie, Lane Rugg; 4th. Amite River Little Sugar, James R. Murphy; and 5th. Middlefork Bottom Black Betty, James R. Murphy.

We had two classes 13″ Opens and 15″ Opens


  1. Metz’s Lil Ruby Tuesday — Larry Edwards
  2. Spring River Hoppy — Freddie Beavers
  3. Oppossum Creek Dandy — Freddie Beavers
  4. Carter’s Blackcreek Jezebel — James R. Murphy
  5. Lewis River Bottom Katie — Jason Lewis


  1. Hanks Backwoods Nash — Lane Rugg
  2. J-O’s Lady Bug — Charles A. Stevenson
  3. Frances Creek Willie — Lane Rugg
  4. Amite River Little Sugar — James R. Murphy
  5. Middlefork Bottom Black Betty — James R. Murphy


  • Best Male — Matt’s Jump-N-Run Rip — Stephen Smith
  • 2nd Male — Edgemon’s Welcome Back Carter — James McMahan
  • Best Female — Run-N-Gun Jumper — Kerry Crofford
  • 2nd Female — Frog Bayou’s Southern Style Beach — Stephen Smith
  • Best of Show — Run-N-Gun Jumper — Kerry Crofford

Mid-Ark Beagle Club held our first trial of the fall on September 17, at Ed Gordon/Point Remove WMA near Morrilton, Arkansas.

We had 18 dogs in the 13″ Open Class and 23 in the 15″ Open Class for a total of 41 dogs. We had people from across Arkansas and also from Oklahoma and Louisiana.  Some of the faces were familiar but we had quite a few that were new to the Gundog Division and wanted to see the type of dog we were promoting and even more that had never been to a field trial before but wanted to see what it was about. Everyone seemed to have a good time and several said they would be back and would enter a dog the next time.

Dogs from Oklahoma and Louisiana won both classes and Louisiana dogs dominated the 15″ class. All 5 dogs that placed were from there.

We didn’t have much trouble finding rabbits but even though we got some rain the day before, scenting was tough. Most packs had some good running though and everything went pretty smooth.

We had some really nice dogs show up. A few didn’t quite fit the format we run but they were still good dogs.

I want to thank Aaron Pettit, Keith Gwatney, Kerry Crofford, and James MacMahan for judging the field and Sandy Franklin for judging the bench for us. Judging is a tough, tiring, and sometimes thankless job that not many people want to do.