Mayview Coon Hunters Ass’n. American Cooner

On July 13-14, we hosted a UKC hunt and show and had a nice turnout even for the hot weather we are having. We had 14 dogs on Friday night, seven in the show on Saturday and 10 in the hunt on Saturday night.
Friday night winners were:
Nite Champion: Ruby, Bluetick female, Roy Clifton, Pleasant, KS, 200+
1st. Banjo, Bluetick English, Pat Mierer, Lexington, MO, 275+
Saturday night winners were:
Nite Champion: Stylish Joe, Rick Keele, Walker male, Sedalia, MO, 125+
1st. Whiskey, Walker, Brad Baker, Houstonia, MO, handler Larry Hicklin, 425+
Congratulations to all the winners and thanks to all of the hunters who hunted in the hunt. I am still in shock. I picked up a form to register a litter of pups and I can’t believe the way the prices have gone up. It used to be a breeder got a break on his pups that he wanted to register at the time. The price of the registration for a three generation pedigree has gone up to $20. Now if the breeder wants to register a pup they pay the full $20 to register it. The breeder is not getting a break for the hard work they put in raising pups. I don’t know who is making the decisions for all of these changes but they are about price the poor man out of the coonhound business and the hunts.
It seems as though all of the registries are making changes that only benefit the registry and not thinking about the hunters and breeders. This year ACHA has made the decision that dogs have to be registered with their registry if they want to hunt in their hunts. Are we making progress or just making somebody rich? Are they driving the poor person out of coon hunting? This is a dying sport with cities expanding and farms changing hands. The younger generation not having a chance to get hooked on coon hunting. I remember back in 1953 when I started hunting in these hunts all you had to do is bring your dog and pay your entry fee and go out and hunt and have a good time.
All registries put so much in their degrees, so what can you do with them after the dog has made them? Most have cheated to get the titles and some are made more honest than others, but in the end, they are just an ego filler and I like to fill my ego too. When I say they are made dishonestly, have you ever been on a cast when the dogs tree and you know there are no coon there and you circle the tree. This is a mild form of cheating and everyone has been on a cast like this including myself.
In all the years of my hunting in these hunts I have only been with two guys who said “minus my dog” when everyone else said “circle.” We need more hunters like them.

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