C & H Publishing brings you the following magazines monthly.


American Cooner

American Cooner is the leading independent magazine for pleasure and competition coon hunters alike. Each month the American Cooner has both fictional and nonfictional articles and stories as well as pictures and highlights of major competitions coon hound event from across the nation.

We have provided coon hunters with this excellent service for over 60 years.


Full Cry

Published since 1939 – The Full cry is the leading independent magazine featuring tree dogs of every type including big game, squirrel and coon dogs. Each monthly issue contains stories, opinions, and current news concerning hunting dogs and there owners.


The Hunter’s Horn

The Hunters Horn  is the leading magazine featuring articles and stories related to fox and coyote hunters and their dogs.  Both from the standpoint of the pleasure hunter as well as serious competition field trial houndsmen. The Hunters Horn affiliate, the standard fox hound stud book, registers foxhounds nationwide which are published monthly in The Hunters Horn magazine.



The Rabbit Hunter

The Rabbit Hunter magazine features articles and stories relating to beagles and basset hounds and their quarry, the rabbit. Articles and pictures are included for those interested in beagle field trials which continue to grow in popularity.