Leaderboard awards at the Masters Banquet

May 2012 The Hunters Horn Magazine  The 2011 Leaderboard is in the books
We would first like to thank Terry Walker with The Hunter’s Horn, John Allen with Black Gold, Randy McGovern with Showtime Feeds, Debbie Johnson with Johnson’s Telemetry and Mike Carr with Pride Dog Food. These folks have come through time and time again with this program. They support hunts nationwide all year long, and we need to continue to support those who support us.
There were 185 Derby and All-Age hunts counting this year, and almost 2,000 dogs received points towards Hound of the Year.
The Leaderboard itself was able to provide the top 20 in each of the four categories with something this year. Each top 20 winner received a personalized leash with their placing and dog or kennel information, a field trial blanket, and 11th through 20th in each category received a years subscription to The Hunter’s Horn magazine.
Here’s how the four categories broke down:

The Hunter’s Horn/Black Gold Hound of the Year was SC (f) Kyle’s Remington owned by Kyle Todd. He is by PC’s Andy ex Todd’s Megan. This hound placed in seven graded hunts in three different pens. Congratulations to a fine young man.
Also placing this year in the Top 20 was Webb’s Red Gal coming in at 17th. She was the 2010 Hound of the Year, and was the only hound that placed last year in the Top 20 that was able to repeat that feat this year.
The Hunter’s Horn and Black Gold were able to provide $5,000 to the top 10 in Hound of the Year this year. Starting at $200 for 10th and going up to $1,200 for first. They also provided a very nice personalized jacket for Kyle Todd.
In the Showtime Feeds Dam of the year category, this year’s winner was OQ’s Miss Fire. She is actually one of only two repeaters in this category, moving up from third to first this year. The other repeat winner in the Dam of the Year is Todd’s Megan, which happens to be the dam of this year’s Hound of the Year.

Showtime Feeds awarded $4,100 this year to the Top 10 starting out at $250 for 10th and going up to $750 for first.
In the Johnson’s Telemetry Kennel of the Year, the winner this year was J.W. Webb and Clyde Ely. They were also the winners last year. (The rest of you need to work harder!)
We only count the Top 12 hunts towards the final standings. Some of their placings included the All American, The World Cup, The Masters, The International and many others.

Johnson’s Telemetry awarded certificates for tracking equipment, supplies and services to the Top 20 this year totaling $3,250. First place received $1,000; second received $500; and right on down through 20th place.
Debbie Johnson also honored all the ladies and wives at the banquet for their contributions with some special gifts.
In the Pride Dog Foods Sire of the Year, the winner was under suspense till the very end. This year’s winner was Hoehner’s Slinger H. When the final cut down was over, he had some pups that came up big in some higher grade hunts and that proved to be the difference. There were a few repeat winners in this category, including last years winner East Coast Dylan, which slipped to third this year and PC’s Andy which sired this year’s Hound of the Year.

Pride awarded the Top 20 in the Sires category again this year. The winning hound received 1,000 pounds of Pride Dog Food and a Garmin recovery system. The second place hound received a shocking system. All 20 places received collars, a lead and a blanket.
The 2012 season is off and rolling. There are already a couple of dogs that are setting the bar high. Dean McCranie, Vaden Bond and Ronnie Norris are giving us something to shoot for already.

It’s a long way until December. Run ‘em hard, have ‘em right, and travel to the biggest hunts you can.
Good luck, Leaderboard: Hank Cranford, David Bailey, Cliff Parker, Jerrod Vaupel, Larry ‘Bird’ Saucier and Jerry Hartwick

By Hank Cranford

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