His Name is Skid

His Name is Skid

AC 01-2012-SkidLast month I told you about a Plott hound that beat me in a UKC hunt held at Henderson KY. The hound belongs to Brock Carr from Newburgh, IN. The dog’s name is Skid and he managed to skid under three trees with real live raccoon in them. Now I get beat all the time, so that’s really not that uncommon, but it is rare that I draw out with a Plott hound much less get beat by one. As a matter of fact, I can still recall the other two times that a Plott dog gave me a good thumping in a wild coon hunt. Once, in the 1990’s, I drew Curt Sybert’s Sarge hound in a PKC hunt and he impressed me by treeing several coon our hounds had trouble smelling. Then back in 1979 at Plott Days, I drew a cold nosed hound called Pocahontas Charlie Brown that could really trail up a cold bad feeding track. That hound was owned by a West Virginian named Eugene Walker. The Charlie dog won Plott Days that year and the Isiah Kidd Award.

Speaking of Plott Days, it’s being held at the Perry County Coon Club in Tell City, IN this year. August may seem like a long way off, but you need to make plans now to attend this event. I guarantee you will not find any better food, fellowship or fairness than what this club provides. Brock Carr will be there with Skid. Maybe you and your hound can beat him and I’ll write about it.

It’s 5:00 AM on December 3, 2011 as I’m writing this article and Nancy and Emily have kept me busy getting ready for Christmas. I’m telling you it’s like living with a couple of banry hens this time of year. “Clu-u-u-u-ck, cluck, cluck, cluck. Rex, Can you fix this? Rex can you find that? Cluck, cluck, cluck.” This weekend I’m staying home from the competition hunts to help decorate the yard and house for Christmas. I can hardly wait for it to get daylight so I can get out in the yard and get started. At least the week’s worth of rain is finally over. This past Monday evening, when Emily and I drove to work in the rain, I noticed the tailgate was down on my truck and the dog box doors were open, so when we arrived at work in the dark parking lot I closed the dog box and tailgate. When we arrived at home the next morning, Rolo the Cur dog wasn’t there to greet us. She still wasn’t home when Nancy got home an hour later. Later that evening when Rolo still hadn’t shown up, Emily reminded me that my tailgate was down at work the night before. I immediately knew where Rolo was. When it’s raining, she likes to lay in the truck’s dog box. Rolo was very glad to get the heck out of that dog box after 24 hours!

A couple of weeks ago I loaded the Hoss dog and headed to Loogootee, IN where we competed in a UKC hunt. I drew out with some great guys and the guide took us to some excellent hunting spots. One of the places we hunted used to belong to Grandpa Jones of the old television show Hee Haw. Few people know that Grandpa Jones was from Indiana and fewer still know that he was a coon hunter. Steve Waniger showed us what tree Grandpa kept his coonhound tied to.

The trunk of this tree was hollow and at least ten feet in diameter. There is a perfect round hole about 18 inches from the bottom of the tree where Grandpa’s hound jumped in and out of the tree. The hound slept in the hollow of the tree his entire life. Now that’s a real TREE DOG! Steve was hunting a young Black and Tan male dog that showed a lot of potential.

I drew out with two Black dogs and a Walker hound at a UKC hunt held at Owensboro, KY. Jimmy Burden, David Wells, Robert Wagoner and I saw one treed coon and a couple of possum on a very bright moonlit night. Robert was hunting a pup from Jim Kilburn and Robert Church’s Ugly Stick hound. Robert reminded me I never could remember to get his Cutter hound’s name right. It seems I always called Cutter “Thunder” instead. I think Robert should change the hound’s name to Thunder Cutter and then we would both be correct.

I ran into Al Roberts and Frog Duncan at a UKC hunt held at Henderson, KY. They won big at Salem, IL. Baby Stakes hunt with a Walker pup that Frog owns. I got a good look at this ten month old coon tree-er and he’s one good looking hound. I’d bet money we will be hearing a lot about this pup in the near future.

Folks, I could about write a book on hunter safety and what NOT to attempt to do while out coon hunting; not because I’m so smart, but instead because I’m so stupid that I’ve pulled about every dumb trick there is when it comes to coon hunting. I’ve learned the hard way that there are about a million ways to seriously injure you and your hound while out hunting. The other night at a onecoon-draw hunt held at the Perry County Coon Club another young man learned a hard lesson. It seems he had shot a coon out to his young hound and the hound was having a hard time dispatching the coon. He attempted to shoot the coon again while it was on the ground and accidently shot his hound through the foot! I hear the hound is recovering just fine, but this reminded me of a couple brothers out coon hunting many years ago when one brother attempted to shoot a coon on the ground and the bullet hit a rock and glanced up and went through the calf of his brother’s leg! Folks, some things are not worth the risk.

Never use a rifle to shoot a coon on the ground! It isn’t safe. Nancy and I are wishing you a safe and Happy New Year from Bolin Holler.