Georgia State Fox Hunters Association “2012 Glover Lane Memorial Hunt”

May 2012 The Hunters Horn Magazine  The Georgia State was held at Swainsboro, Georgia on January 11-14, as a memorial to one of our longtime dedicated friends and directors of the Association. Glover Lane was laid to rest in his hometown of Millen, Georgia, on Tuesday, the day before the Georgia State Hunt began. We all have many good memories of Glover and his practical jokes. Through the years, he always liked to have fun, and he will surely be missed by all of us. In a very generous gesture, Glover’s family decided that his 15 hounds would be donated to the hunt to be auctioned off. It was with great pleasure that the Association dedicated this hunt to the memory of Glover Lane.

Although our number of dogs entered continued to be low, the 2012 hunt was very successful. We had 242 dogs entered, the same number as in 2011 when we were hampered by an ice storm. The pen was well stocked, and we thank Bub Moody, John Dodson, Wes Mincey and Ben Thompson for getting the game and reworking some of the kennels.

Taking entries began at 3 PM Wednesday with the help of Bobby Bagley and the 2010-2011 President Tom Eason. At 5 PM, there was a break for dinner prepared by Ms. Rosa Amerson, her daughter Angie, and others. After the meal, our Master of Hounds Victor Royal, had the Judges’ Meeting to discuss the running of the hunt. Most of the 22 judges selected were present for the meeting.

On Thursday morning, after a good breakfast at the pen kitchen, Victor had the judges in place to go to the kennels and check hounds. The cast was then made at 7:15 AM to begin the first day of the 2012 hunt. Running held up well on Thursday, with much game of all types being seen — reds, grays and coyotes. Many scores were collected on the two pickups made in the field. Jugs were located at the end of the pond dam, in the junk car area, and at the soybean trash barrel, besides those that were picked up from judges caught on the road.

When the hunt was called at 12:15, lunch was served and the scores were entered on the board. Kari Akins and Jabo Hobby did a great job on the computer for all three days and the board was ready to go up around 2:30 PM.

It had been voted by the Directors at the yearly meeting that the bench show would be moved from Wednesday to Thursday afternoon at 5 PM. L.W. “Bay” Lewis was our Bench Show Judge for this year with Joe Royal serving as Ringmaster. As always, there was a good turnout with most classes running over in numbers.

After looking closely at all four classes, Bay picked Turk’s Cam (Ch. East Coast Hollywood ex Turk’s Pacer), the first place Derby Male as Best in Show. He also chose Mincey’s Precious (Hoehner’s Slinger H. ex Hoehner’s Lacy) as the first place All-Age Female and Best Opposite Sex winner. Awards given were dog feed with 50 pounds going to the winner of each class and 20 pounds for the other nine in the class. Fifty pound bags were also given to Best in Show and Best Opposite Sex.

The second day of the hunt produced good running with many Hunting scores and Speed and Drive scores collected by the judges. When the hunt was called at 12:10 PM, the Derby class results were tabulated. There was a full class in Hunting taking 30 points to get in the class and 90 points to be first place in the class. There were three hounds in Trailing taking 20 points to get in the class and 30 points to win the class. In Speed and Drive, it took 495 points to get in tenth place and 585 points to be in first place. In Endurance, 120 points was tenth and 155 points was first place. The winner of the Derby class HGA was Williams’ Skippy (Jeff’s Blackjack ex Almond’s Linda), owned by SWS Kennels of Richmond Hill, Georgia. The Combination winner was  Miller’s Savannah, owned by Mark and Heather Miller, Center Cross, VA. On the daily Derby sheets, 35 dogs were scored in Hunting, three had Trailed, and all Derby hounds had scored in Speed and Drive. The first place winner received 700 pounds of feed and the Combination was awarded 100 pounds of feed.

On Saturday, on another cold day in Georgia, all eligible hounds were led through the line and checked and the cast was made at 7 AM. A total of 94 hounds were cast on the final day. Again, much running was observed by the Judges, and much game was seen drifting that was not being run. When the hunt was called at 12 PM and lunch was served, remaining scores were entered and checked.

When the All-Age HGA sheets were run, it was determined that Ch. Dean’s Striker M. (Ch. John’s Streak ex Clearwater Patsy) had won the All-Age as well as being the Combination and Dual Champion. This hound is owned by Dean McCranie, Eastman, GA. The female placed fifth in Hunting, first in Trailing, third in Speed and Drive and third in Endurance. Awards received ranged from 210 pounds of dog feed for tenth place, up to 1,220 pounds for first place. The Combination and Dual Champion also received 210 pounds each.

Hunters and Judges agreed that this was a very successful hunt for 2012. Many thanks to all who supported us as well as to those who worked to make this hunt possible. Special thanks to the dog feed companies that supported us: Showtime (Randy McGovern), Specialty (field trial kit sent by Paul Isbell from Tennessee and Chuck at Specialty shipped feed to us at Swainsboro), and Pride (Mike Carr).
We also want to thank all of our 2012 Judges including: Master of Hounds Victor Royal, President Tom Eason, Bobby Bagley, Bobby Cleghorn, Bootsie Boatright, Bobby McDonald, Jerry Hobby, Donnie McLoon, Darrell Seagraves, Seborn Royal, Patricia Royal, Brian Yancey, Dick Jones, Dickie Purcell and Joe Hobby.
Again this year as in the past, the Association sent a total of $242, $1 per hound entered, towards the lobbyist fee for the Georgia Hunting and Fishing Federation to help with our sport.
We hope to see all of you in 2013 at the United Fox Pen at Swainsboro, Georgia.
All-Age HGA: 1. Ch. Dean’s Striker M. (Ch. John Streak ex Clearwater Patsy), Dean McCranie, Eastman, GA; 2. Honey Creek Pocono (Ch. Vaupel’s Fedex ex Honey Creek Louann), Fat And Outta Shape Kennels, Cordele, GA; 3. Moody’s Tammy (Lewis’ Red Rock ex Lewis’ Tammy), South Georgia Poor Boy, Baxley, GA; 4. John’s Ammy (John’s X Man ex John’s Spot), John Walker, Milan, GA; 5. Dean’s Flip Flip M (Dean’s Red Flag M ex Dean’s Sissy M), Dean McCranie; 6. Honey Creek Bubblegum (McCarter’s Luke ex Honey Creek Amy), Fat And Outta Shape Kennels; 7. Wilson’s Max (Phillips’ Coffee ex Phillips’ Goldie), Bobby Wilson and Hugh Phillips, Lawrenceville, GA; 8. FNF’s Yellow Jack (Kickin Up Dust Pork ex FNF Biscuit), Oakdale Kennels, Jetersville, VA; 9. Oakdale’s Midnight E (Webb’s Deuce R ex FNF Miracle), Oakdale Kennels; and 10. Spivey’s Homie (Boone’s Ruben ex Spivey’s Stretch), John and Chris Spivey, Yulee, FL.
All-Age Combination and Dual Champion: Ch. Dean’s Striker M, Dean McCranie.
Derby HGA: 1. Williams’ Skippy (Jeff’s Blackjack ex Almond’s Linda), SWS Kennels; 2. Ben’s Tyler (Osteen’s Hubert ex Good’s Zee), Ben Jones; 3. Real Deal’s Sundown (Frasier’s Zeb J ex Spivey’s Suntan), Real Deal Kennels; 4. Real Deal’s JR (Ch. Golden’s Scooter ex Real Deal Britches), Real Dean Kennels; 5. Bullord’s Carla (Ch. Alderholt’s Mouth ex Bullord’s Red Lady), Paul Bullord; 6. After Hours Lydia (After Hours Country ex After Hours Susie), After Hours Kennels; 7. Morrison’s Crystal (Ambler Ridge Jimmie ex Smith’s Cherry), GCS Kennels; 8. Rouger (Frasier’s Zeb JX ex LP Stretch), Smutt’s Kennels; 9. Morrison’s Rap (Hank’s Midnight Rider ex Hank’s Slingshot), GCS Kennels; and 10. Freeman’s April (Boone’s Pac Man ex Dunn’s Starlett), Freeman and Sons Kennels.
Derby Combination: Miller’s Savannah, Mark and Heather Miller.

By Bobby Cleghorn, 231 Collins Place, Waleska, GA 30183

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