Full Cry W.W. Squirrel Hunting Club

June 2012 Full Cry Magazine CoverHello from Central South Carolina. I hope everyone is doing well. I’ve been lazy for a good many months now about sending in some club news. Some of our members have gotten onto me about this and I just make up some excuses why I have not sent some news in. Well anyway, I promise to do better in the future.
Back on February 11, W.W. had its Fifth Annual Carolina Cur Hunt and an All Breed Hunt. It was two nights; the same afternoon but this month I want to talk about the All Breed Hunt. In this hunt, we had two Champion dogs: Clifford Hall’s Ellie Mae and Snowbird with Black Max. See … I talked Snowbird into hunting Black Max so Clifford and Ellie Mae would not have to hunt alone. He was going to guide anyway. He agreed even though Max had not been out of the pen all year.
When they got back and handed me the card, they were tied with plus points. Neither had circle or minus points. Instead of flipping a coin, I gave Clifford the plaque and the win slip. Snowbird may never compete again. After he and Max did so well, I called him up and took his and Max’s picture and gave him a Super Grand Squirrel Champion plaque that I had in case one ever came to our hunt. He asked me where did you get that from? I told him I was saving it for you.  He was happy and so were a lot of the other hunters in the registered class. Rusty Atkinson won with Sadie, a Treeing Cur.
For the past three years, Sadie has placed anywhere from second to tenth but no first. When Rusty handed me his card and I saw he was the winner, I could not have been prouder. After many hunts, Sadie and Rusty finally won!
I promise to write about the Carolina Cur Hunt next month. Now … let’s go tree a squirrel!

By Tony DuBose

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