Q: How many times a year is our magazines (American Cooner, Full Cry, The Rabbit Hunter, and Hunter’s Horn) published?
A:  C & H Publishing produces each magazine 12 times a year (monthly).  A one year subscription is 12 editions.  Purchasing a two year subscription gives you a discount on the second year and is 24 editions.

Q : I’m a first time subscriber. When will my first issue arrive?
A: If this is your first time subscribing to our C & H Publishing magazines, your first issue is shipped via US Mail at the periodicals rate and can take up to 4-6 weeks for delivery. Canadian residents, your first issue may take from 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Q: When does my subscription expire?
A: Please check your mailing label to find your subscription expiration date. Here’s an example:

magazine subscription details

Q : My magazine arrived damaged. How can I receive a replacement issue?
A : Contact us at 1-800-851-7507.

Q : Can I purchase back issues?
A : Of course. You may purchase back issues by phone (within US) at 1-800-851-7507.  You must have a valid credit card.

Q : How do I submit a change of address for my current subscription?
A : We offer 3 convenient ways to change your address
1. Email: [email protected]
2. Over the phone: 1-800-851-7507
3. By Mail:

For American Cooner – send to American Cooner, PO BOX 777, Sesser, IL 62801
For Full Cry – send to Full Cry, PO BOX 777, Sesser, IL 62801
For Rabbit Hunter – send to Rabbit Hunter, PO BOX 777, Sesser, IL 62801
For The Hunter’s Horn – send to Hunter’s Horn, PO BOX 777, Sesser, IL 62801

Q – How can I renew my subscription or pay my bill?
A – We offer 3 convenient ways to renew:

  1. Online: Click Here
  2. Over the phone: 1-800-851-7507
  3. Through the mail: Include the magazine name to , PO BOX 777, Sesser, IL

Q: How can I contact C & H Publications about my subscription?
A: If your question is not answered here or if you need to contact us for any reason, please include in your inquiry your name and address exactly as it appears on your magazine label or invoice, and send it to:

C & H Subscriptions
P.O. Box 777
Sesser, IL 62832

Or by email at [email protected]

When writing to us, please be sure to include your name, address including zip code and account number for faster service and the magazine you are writing about. Your account number is located on the top left corner of your mailing label.

Q: I have an editorial comment or question. Is there an email address I can use specially for this?
A: Sure. You can submit your questions or comments to the editors by sending them an email to [email protected]

NOTE: All customer service questions, such as inquiries about lost or missing issues, change of address, cancellations, or anything not directly related to the editorial content of the magazine MUST be sent to [email protected] .

Q: I would like to write to one of the editors and/or writers for any of the magazines at C & H Publishing using good old-fashioned paper and envelopes. Is there a snail mail address for this?
A: Of course. For questions or comments relating only to editorial matters, you can send mail to us at:

[Include Magazine Name] Editor
P.O. Box 777
Sesser, IL 62832
Q: Can I submit Links to the Hunting Houndsmen website.
A: Yes To Submit a website link  Email to [email protected]  Upon approval your link will be posted to our site.