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Written in Stone

Full Cry March 2012 CoverGreetings from South Georgia. All of us who live in the Peach State have come to accept or expect certain things that are unique to this region. For example, we do expect every restaurant to serve sweet iced tea. This …

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W.W. Squirrel Hunting Club

Full Cry March 2012 CoverHello from Central South Carolina. I hope everyone is doing well. It has cooled off some and I have been able to turn a dog out a few times.

The three six month old Carolina Curs I have been working …

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Carolina Breeders Cup

The Carolina Breeders Cup was held September 3 at the Eastern Carolina Paradise Pen, Pamplico, SC. We want to thank everyone who turned out and made this one of the best hunts so far this year. We had a very …

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Hot Tracks and Cold Trails

I begin this month’s column with the sad news of the passing of Harvey Adams, Drake’s Branch, VA. Harvey was survived by his wife; one daughter; one son; two grandchildren; one sister and two brothers.

I first remember becoming friends …

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Puppy Power

American Cooner Nov 2011 CoverThe girl was on a long drive home after having made a trip to look at some big game bred hound puppies. As she suspected, she couldn’t get away from the looks of those youngsters, and she’d picked one out …

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UKC World Nite Championship

American Cooner Nov 2011 CoverSince the 1970’s Larry Wilcox of Michigan has been a dedicated supporter of the English hound. He has hunted them diligently from that time and bred them with only one goal in mind – continue to better the breed.

Now …

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Moll’s Corner

American Cooner Nov 2011 CoverThe coon hunter’s favorite time of year is finally upon us. The leaves have just about disappeared and fur-taking season is well underway in most parts of our country. It’s time to plug up the nagging leaks in those tattered …

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Among the Best of Friends

Much as I love to hunt rabbits alone, just me and my dogs, there is something to be said for the “gang” experience, especially when there are inexperienced hunters in the group. To keep the sport of rabbit hunting going …

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Mid-Arkansas Beagle Club

15″ OPENS: 1st. Hank’s Backwoods Nash, Lane Rugg;  2nd. J-O’s Lady Bug, Charles A. Stevenson; 3rd. Frances Creek Willie, Lane Rugg; 4th. Amite River Little Sugar, James R. Murphy; and 5th. Middlefork Bottom Black Betty, James R. Murphy.

We had

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