Carolina Breeders Cup

The Carolina Breeders Cup was held September 3 at the Eastern Carolina Paradise Pen, Pamplico, SC. We want to thank everyone who turned out and made this one of the best hunts so far this year. We had a very good group of judges who worked hard to pick the best hounds.

This group of young hounds ran hard for two days and it showed on the scoreboard.

Again, thank you to all of our judges; without a good group of judges, there couldn’t be a hunt.

I hope everyone was satisfied with the results on the scoreboard and in the field. We hope to see you all again soon.


Derby HGA: 1. Wells’ YK2 (Lakehill’s Jaybird ex Bates’ Baby Girl), Scott and Shannon Wells, Burgaw, NC; 2. Get Some’s Breeze (Hammerin’ Down Ace ex Sullivan’s Ms. Kitty), Get Some Kennels, Buckhead, NC; 3. Shake-N-Bake Bodacious (Shake-N-Bake Tango ex Shake-N-Bake Connie), Shake-N-Bake Kennels, Maxton, NC; 4. Wells’ Black Nat (La. S. (f) Ch. Lakehill’s Ike ex Loper’s Britney Lee), Scott and Shannon Wells; 5. Tomahawk’s Scot (No Pitty Dusty ex Milles Triss), Tomahawk Kennels, Hemingway, SC; 6. Swamp Music Vegas (Clayton’s Sonny ex Money Talk’s Vegas), Tony Griffin, Evergreen, NC; 7. Caughman’s Shakeera (Jeff’s Black Jack ex Caughman’s Marian), Lucas and Caughman Kennels; 8. Shake-N-Bake Carhart (Hawkeye’s Iron Mike ex Shake-N-Bake Star), Shake-N-Bake Kennels; 9. Jason’s Lady A (Williams’ Go Jim ex S&J’s Ladybelle), Jason Eddins, Swansea, SC; and 10. Brunswick Bounce (Southeast Nitraus ex Gaskins’ Carrie B.), Jeff and Tim.

By Stuart Evans, 3703 Old Salem Road, Pamplico, SC 29583