2012 Arkansas Masters : Hunters Horn

The Arkansas Masters was held April 19-21 at Kountry Korner Fox Pen. Special thanks to Master of Hounds Harol Dene Lacy, all judges, cooks and hunters who made this hunt a success. The weather was good with lots and lots of game to run. We want to invite everyone to the next hunt.
Congratulations to Jery Hartwick and Jackie Ray (Ten Mile Kennel) for their win.
Special thanks to Showtime Feeds for dog food!
All-Age HGA: 1. Hartwick’s Black Betty (Wheel of Fortune ex Hartwick’s Molly), Jerry Hartwick; 2. JC’s Sandman (Blalock’s King ex Jefe’s Sandy), Bubba and Tom Powell; 3. Harpo (Hall’s Hollywood ex Flatwood Bugle Ann), Robert Hill; 4. Bones (Gunstock Casper ex Jodie Hellums), Robert Hill; 5. Carson (Williams’ Rusty II ex Ed’s Lindie), Brian Welch; 6. Bell (Burns’ Rebel ex not given), Kenneth Harvel; 7. Bates’ Blaze (Ar. O. (f) Ch. Bratton’s Sackett ex Bratton’s Fly), Bates/Kuntz; 8. Stone’s Izzy (not given), Wayne and Houston Stone; 9. Boy (Clear Cut Bingo ex Clear Cut Shy Girl), Kenneth Harvel; 10. Bubba’s Rowdy (Bushley Creek Rowdy II ex JM’s American Idol), Bubba and Tom Powell; 11.  Sandy Cheeks, Robert Hill; 12. #610, Kuntz/Morrison; 13. McGaha’s Albino, Kidd Kennels; 14. Sugar, Robert Hill; 15. Bonner’s Pookie, David Bonner; 16. Annie, Mike Oden; 17. Corley’s Tiger, Jason Corley; 18. McGaha’s A-Rod, R&K Kennels; 19. Ten Mile Scarlet, Ten Mile Kennels; 20. MC’s Bill, Marc Cowart; 21. Ten Mile Zsa Zsa, Ten Mile Kennels; 22. Rebel, Elton Paul; 23. #811, Hoop/Holler Kennels; 24. Fancy, Mike Oden; 25. MC’s Black Magic, Marc Cowart; 26. Stone’s Rockey, Wayne and Houston Stone; 27. Princess, Mike Oden; 28. Kidd’s Fluffy, Kidd Kennels; 29. D&B Misty, DJ and Brenda Watson; 30. McGaha’s Peapeye, Kidd Kennels; 31. Roth, Elton Paul; 32. Tillman’s Casper Beauty, Chris Tillman; 33. Evans’ Miss Jessie, Jason Corley; 34. Tuck’s Chopper, Dick Tucker; 35. Watson’s Lilly, Mikel Watson; 36. BJ’s Rocky Top, Bill Noral; and 37. BJ’s Lucky, Bill Noral.
All-Age Combination and Dual Champion: Hartwick’s Black Betty, Jerry Hartwick.
Derby HGA: 1. Ten Mile Starla (A.O. (f) Ch. Bratton’s Sackett ex Ten Mile Firefly), Ten Mile Kennels; 2. Wild Thing (Chase’s Speck ex Chasm Sissy), Hoop and Holler Kennel; 3. #14 (Kidd’s Gone Famous ex Kidd’s First Class Weapon), Kidd Kennels; 4. Bates T-Bone (Blaylock’s King ex Goss’s Maggie), Kuntz/Bates; 5. Wilson’s Half Pint (Mid South Leon ex BTTB Red Pepper), T.J. Wilson; 6. Frasier Brothers’ Connie (Butler’s Clown ex McKee’s Daisy), Frasier Brothers; 7. Gregory’s Snatch (Hoehner’s Hy Tone ex Bradford’s Crybaby), Cody Gregory; 8. J.E.D.’s Copper Rod (Coal Creek Push Rod ex Dillon’s Classy), Kuntz/Morrison; 9. #16 (Kidd’s Gone Famous ex Kidd’s Sweet Tooth), Kidd Kennels; 10. #15 (Kidd’s Gone Famous ex Kidd’s Sweet Tooth), Kidd Kennels; 11. #12, Kidd Kennels; 12. Frasier Brothers Sport, Frasier Brothers; 13. #67, Hoop and Holler Kennel; 14. #5, Kuntz/Morrison; 15. Frasier Brothers’ Tonya, Frasier Brothers; 16. Frasier Brothers’ Zollie, Frasier Brothers; 17. Wilson’s Panda Bear, T.S. Wilson; 18. DM Hope, Danny Morris; and 19. DM Judy, Danny Morris.
Derby Combination: Bates’ T-Bone, Kuntz/Bates.

By Ricky Crawford

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