2012 American Invitational Running Hound Classic – Hunters Horn

     The running of the Eighth Annual American Invitational Running Hound Classic was held on December 7-9 at the Hollywood  Fox Preserve in Appomattox, VA.  Thanks to the Hacketts for providing a wonderful field trial facility and their continued support and dedication to preserving fox hunting in Virginia.
The AIRHC is a GRADE I hunt for the HOY/SOY Leaderboard. We are appreciative of being held in this regard and intend to earn our keep. This is one of the final hunts in the showdown for all of the Leaderboard awards.
We started this year with 167 proven hounds from North Carolina, Virginia, Illinois, New York, Ohio and Maryland.   To find success against this caliber of competition speaks volumes for those that placed. Our goal remains to pick the “best of the best.”
As always, we were fortunate to have some of the best judges in the country help us sort through an outstanding field of hounds.  They included:  Master of Hounds – Jerry Towler;  judges, Donnie Adams, Blair Dalton, Page Allen, Cameron Owen, Gary Otey, Kevin Mundy, Kelly Meadows, Craig White, Derek Doss, Trevor Smith, Jack Jackson, Wayne Smith, Kirk McAden, Rooster Boyd and Brent Davis (computer).  These guys worked hard in a professional manner and provided us with a great service. Thanks to each and every one of you for your time and effort.
The AIRHC places great pride on attracting the best dogs and the best judges, but it also seeks the best facilities.  For the past eight years we have been extremely fortunate in what we have been provided. Thanks to the Hackett’s of the Hollywood Fox Preserve for providing such an outstanding facility to hold a field trial. Thanks to Jennifer and the ladies in the kitchen for keeping everybody well fed for three days.  The food was excellent.
I also must extend thanks to Roy Neighbors for providing dog feed (Tracker, Pride); Wally Johnson, Midway Telemetry and Custom Collars for providing gifts for the top winners.  Thanks to Dru Runyon for her work on the HGA jackets. It is hard to get support at hunts these days with the economy the way it has been. Support these guys when you can.
Thanks to Chris Wright for cooking for our traditional pre-bench show Friday night meal.  Thanks to Wally Johnson for the pork rib appetizer Thursday evening.  This crowd likes to eat.
Congratulations to Brian and Don Lassiter on their new Bench Champion, AIRHC (b) Turkey Run Apollo and to Davy and Jennifer Hackett for Best Opposite Sex with Country Oaks Brenda.
Congratulations to Shane Bonavita and Jay Craven for their new Champion and winner of the J. Percy Flowers Memorial Speed and Drive Challenge Cup: AIRHC (f) B/C Pat.  Congratulations to Robbie Davis for winning the Combination with Whiskey Creek C.R.
Congratulations to all that placed and thanks to all that attended and aided in making this hunt a success.  David Parker’s term as president has passed and James Ray has moved in as your new President.  On behalf of David and me, we would like to extend a big thank you to the Board of Directors. They’ve been a great group to work with. We would like to thank David for his effort during this term.  We also look forward to having James as President as he will do a fine job.
We look forward to seeing everyone at the ninth annual running of the American Invitational Running Hound Classic, December 6-8, 2013 at the Tar River Fox Preserve in Creedmoor, NC.
HGA: 1. B/C Pat (Ch. Bonavita’s Flake ex DM Fancy), B/C Kennel; 2. Whiskey Creek CR (Ch. East Coast Dylan ex D&S Cinnamon), Whiskey Creek Kennel; 3. Hill City Rebel (Ch. East Coast Hollywood ex Ch. Hill City BG), Hill City Kennel; 4. Al’s Triple Trouble (Ch. Al’s Zinger ex Mason’s Double Trouble), Hound Holler Kennel; 5. Opie’s Tonya (Opie’s Tony Wayne ex Opie’s Daisy), Opie Kennel; 6. East Coast Daytona (Ch. East Coast Dylan ex Runyon’s H-K Try Girl), East Coast Kennel; 7. Ch. Atkins’ Lucy (Webb’s Deuce R. ex Webb’s Louise R.), Virginia Breeze Kennel; 8. No Mercy’s Roxy (T’s Reaper ex Hillcity Mercedes), No Mercy Kennel; 9. Oakview’s Master P. (Oakview’s Peanut ex Hogwild Carly), Oak View Kennel; and 10. W.T’s Brickhouse  (Ch. Whisenant’s Jimmy B. ex W.T’s Trixie), W.T. Davenport.
Bench Show
Best in Show: Turkey Run Apollo, Turkey Run Kennel.
Best Opposite Sex: Country Oaks Brenda, Country Oaks Kennel.
Male: 1. Turkey Run Apollo (Ch. Turkey Run Streaker ex Turkey Run Flashy Mae), Turkey Run Kennel; 2. Ch. Opie’s Fat Boy (Ch. East Coast Dylan x Ch. Opie’s Latina), Opie Kennel; 3. Ch. Hoehner’s Mac (Ch. Hoehner’s Bold Ruler ex Sullivan’s Nightmare), Hoehner Boys Kennel; 4. Ch. Foxcross Casino (Foxcross CJ ex Foxcross Obie), Foxcross Kennels; 5.  Ch. East Coast Crown (East Coast Sea Captain ex East Coast Sadie), East Coast Kennel; 6. Ch. P.K. Alltell (D&S Mighty Man ex Pine Valley Alltel), Pressure Kennel; 7. Whiskey Creek Hotty (Ch. East Coast Holiday ex Brinson’s Mattie Jeb), Whiskey Creek Kennel; 8. Phillips’ Charger (D&S Mighty Man ex Hackett’s Lightning), Phillips Kennel; 9. Whiskey Creek CR (Ch. East Coast Dylan ex D&S Cinnamon), Whiskey Creek Kennel;  and 10. Spears’ Mtn. Big Mac (Hoehner’s Double C. ex Wright’s Veronica), Spears Mtn. Kennel.
Female: 1. Country Oaks Brenda (Hoehner’s Geronimo ex Hoehner’s Tid Bit), Country Oaks Kennel; 2. Ch. Al’s Milkshake (Ch. Kannon’s Ziploc ex Little Bit of Trouble), Hound Holler Kennel; 3. TRK’s Midnight (Ch. Lofton’s Jeremiah ex Ch. East Coast Renee), Turkey Run Kennel; 4.   East Coast Dream (East Coast Repo ex East Coast Sadie), East Coast Kennel; 5th Opie’s Linda Lou (Keystone Kettle Stix ex Keystone’s Seetie), Opie Kennel; 6. Ch. Opie’s Baby Girl (Ch. Opie’s Hammer ex Sticker’s Jill B.), Opie Kennel; 7. Atkins’ Lucy (Webb’s Deuce R. ex Webb’s Louise R.), Virginia Breeze Kennel; 8. Opie’s TNT (Ch. Opie’s Gigolo x Ch. Opie’s Kitty), Opie Kennel; 9. T’s Lil’ Bouncy (Ch. East Coast Holiday ex T’s Bouncy), T’s Kennel; and 10. Country Oaks Jet Lag   (Ch. Hoehner’s Slinger H. ex Gill’s Mini Jet), Country Oaks Kennel.

By: Brent Davis