2011 International Running Hound Classic

Hunter's Horn, March 2012The 2012 International Running Hound Classic was held January 11-14, 2012 at Joe’s Branch Fox Pen at Enon, LA. We want to thank the pen owners for the use of this good pen.

They had it well stocked and ready to go.  We entered hounds on Wednesday, January 11 at the pen. We had 101 good hounds entered to compete for the 2012 International Running Hound Classic Championship. We held our business meeting on Wednesday at 7 PM. The membership elected Wayne “Tic” St. Syr as President for the 2014 International Running Hound Classic Championship. Barry Frazier will be President for the 2013 International Running Hound Classic Championship. The Board of Directors elected Heath Davis as Secretary of the International Running Hound Classic Championship. As you can see, the hunt is in good hands for the next two years.

On Thursday morning, Master of Hounds Bruce Crawford had roll call at 5:45 and cast the hounds at 6:45. The wind blew all day at 10 to 20 mph, but it didn’t stop the hounds from running as we had 5 hours of good running.

We held our bench show on Thursday afternoon at 5 PM. Our Bench Show Judge was Larry Etheridge with Ken Ezell serving as Ringmaster. After Larry looked all the hounds over, he selected Boone’s Revenge, owned by George Boone, Morton, MS as the 2012 IRHC Bench Champion. Ch. Turdhill Yellow 5 was winner of Best Opposite Sex, owned by Turdhill Kennels, Springfield, LA.

On Friday morning, Bruce had roll call at 6 AM with casting at 6:45. The weather turned much cooler as the temperature was a cool 24 degrees at cast time but the wind was not blowing today. This made for much better running.

President J.W. Webb and I carried the judges coffee and snacks and everywhere we stopped you heard running. On Saturday, Master of Hounds Crawford held roll call at the main gate at 6:30. Afterwards, he cast the hounds for the last day of the 2012 IRHC at 6:40.

The running began as soon as the hounds were cast and lasted the whole five hours. President Webb called all the hunters together at 1 PM to announce the winner. Before turning it over to the Master to announce the winners, he thanked the following people for
their contributions to the hunt. Claude Hinton and Moose with Showtime Feed which was this year’s sponsor. They donated two tons of their 26/20 feed to be given to the winners
of the 10 HGA places and Best in Show and Best Opposite Sex. He then thanked BoBo Ebar and Robert O’Neil for cooking the meal that we served to all the hunters and judges after the bench show Thursday. He then thanked the cooks in the kitchen who prepared our meals for the hunt and the pen owners.

Then he thanked our Master of Hounds and judges for the good job they did picking the 2012 Champion of Champions winner. They were: Jeff Averett, Stewart Baxley, Ronald Cain, Barkley Cooksey, Rex Cooksey, Master of Hounds Bruce Crawford, Heath Davis, Bob Dorherty, Jimmy Evans, Rhea Evans, Larry Etheridge, Ken Ezell, Albert Fraizer, Tim
Freeman, Johnny Henderson, Don Kiblinger, Clark Milling, Eddie Stamper, Don Warden, Jake Warden, Randy Watts and Lane Wheat. These men did a great job in the field and Rhea Evans did a great job on the computer. Thank you to all of them.

It was turned over to Bruce to announce the winners. When it was all said and done, Stanley Magee was the owner of the 2012 IRHC Field Champion with LA Open Ch. Magee’s L.T. Way to Go Stanley. Stanley won the $1,150 award that the Board of Directors donated to go to the winner. Webb’s Red Gal placed fourth in the HGA and won Dual Champion.

This makes her the first hound to ever place four times in the IRHC! What a good hound! I would like to thank all the hunters who supported the IRHC and made it a great hunt.
Guys, start now getting your hounds qualified for the 2013 IRHC and let’s make it the
best ever.



  • 1. LA. O. Ch. Magee’s L.T. (Butler’s Big Thunder ex Butler’s Gray Girl), Stanley Magee, Franklinton, LA;
  • 2. Turdhill Yellow Cat (Dark’s Roughwood Red Cat ex Goss’s Maggie), Turdhill and Courtney Kennels, Springfield, LA;
  • 3. Turdhill Redneck (Valentine’s Stoney ex Haydell’s Patty), Turdhill and Courtney Kennels;
  • 4. Ch. Webb’s Red Gal (Barber’s Baldy ex Cooper’s Hart), J.W. Webb and Clyde Ely, Ocean Springs, MS;
  • 5. Ducote and Smith’s Mighty Dan (D&S Mighty Man ex Cassidy Little Gin), D&S Kennels;
  • 6. Ducote and Smith’s Dakota (D&S Mighty Man ex TOC’s Dakota), D&S Kennels;
  • 7. Krystal Clear Case (Lofton’s Miracle ex Frasier Brothers’ Rosie Read), Krystal Clear Kennels, Dubach, LA;
  • 8. Ch. Turdhill Yellow 5 (Valentine’s Stoney ex Haydell’s Patty), Turdhill and Courtney Kennels;
  • 9. Courtney’s Bart (Courtney’s Terrebonne ex Bobbette’s Anna), Turdhill and Courtney Kennels; and
  • 10. Turdhill Sweet Tart (D&S Doc ex Dyno’s Tiz), Turdhill and Courtney Kennels.

Combination: LA. O. Ch. Magee’s L.T., Stanley Magee.

Dual Champion: Ch. Webb’s Red Gal, J.W. Webb and Clyde Ely.


Best in Show: Boone’s Revenge, George Boone.

Best Opposite Sex: Ch. Turdhill Yellow 5, Turdhill and Courtney Kennels.

All-Age Female:

  • 1. Turdhill Yellow 5 (Valentine’s Stanley ex Haydell’s Patty), Turdhill and Courtney Kennels;
  • 2. McMillan’s Heaven (Ch. McMillan’s Diamond ex Hurst’s Red Lady),
  • 3. Al. St. (d) Ch. Top Flite Dot (Ch. Gunstock Casper ex Dottie Hellums), Top Flite Kennels;
  • 4. Int. (f) 2x World Cup, 2x Webb’s Red Gal (Barber’s Baldy ex Cooper’s Hart), J.W. Webb and Clyde Ely;
  • 5. Guyotte’s Audrey (Canoy’s Eli Liquor ex Guyotte’s Cowgirl), Brian and Paula Guyotte;
  • 6. Frasier Brothers’ Smarty Pants (Pinedale Slider B ex Frasier Brothers’ Minnie), Frasier Brothers;
  • 7. Red’s Lil Red (Magee’s Hammer ex Magee’s Tiny M), Darren Thomas; and
  • 8. Wood Cup (f) Ch. Webb’s Queen (Triple J Black ex Bushley Creek Lil Ann), J.W. Webb and Clyde Ely.

By Charlene and Ronnie Dunn, 2168 Warren Road SE, Brookhaven, MS 39601