2011 Grenada Lake

Hunter's Horn, Dec 2011The 2011 Grenada Lake was held September 14-17 at the Mississippi Fox Hunters Preserve near Grenada, MS. This year we had 232 hounds entered which made for a great hunt. We had three days of cooler weather which helped because we had some of the best running we have ever had. Thanks to Jack Floyd for judging our bench show and to Bud McGregor for being our Master of Hounds. We really appreciate all of our hard working judges for helping and just can’t thank you enough!

They were: Richard Henderson, Bo Ellis, Jerry Coleman, Ken Ezell, Jack Floyd, Alton Strider, Roger Floyd, Larry Chapman, Billy McDaniel, Tim Floyd, Larry Etheridge, David Simpson, Paul Isbell, Johnny Renfro, Bill  Carter, A.J. Mason, Wilbert Mason, Donnie Blakely and Bud McGregor.

Thanks to Mid-South Coop and Sunshine Mills for feed donations and Specialty Feeds for the feed, field trial kit and watches. Thanks to Johnson’s Telemetry, Quick Track, Magnum Telemetry and Wildlife Materials for the tracking collar donations.

Thanks to Mrs. Boyle and Lisa Long for the great meals they provided for the judges.

Special thanks to the hunters who attended. We hope you had a great time and will be back next year and bring a friend.


All-Age HGA: 1. Lisha’s Nicole (Ch. Lisha’s Aggie ex Lisha’s Glenda), Mike and Brandon Smith;  2. Ch. Lisha’s Britney (Ch. Lisha’s Aggie ex Gator Creek Josie), Mike and Brandon Smith; 3. Lisha’s Sarah (C. Lisha’s Festus ex Hill’s Lizzy Bizzy), Mike and Brandon Smith; 4. Hydrill Handsome (Hydrill Big Boy ex R.H. Peanut), Laron Ladner; 5. McGaha’s A-Rod (Coal Creek Push Rod ex McGaha’s Sad Eyes), R&K Kennels; 6. Lane’s Captain B. (Ch. Brownland Duke ex Brownland Josey II), Bubba Lane; 7. Ch. Hines’ Tinker Belle R (Hines’ Spike R ex Hines’ Belle R.), Richey and Hunter Hines; 8. BHK Steve (Floyd’s Snoopy ex Ch. Floyd’s Snowflake), Buckhole Kennel; 9. Jughead’s Chief (Gator Creek Chief ex Lisha’s Angelina), Chris Breland; and 10. J.W.’s Raven (Borum’s Crowder ex J.W. Sadie), Joe Woodard.

All-Age Combination: BHK Steve, Buckhole Kennels.

Derby HGA: 1. Buckhole Kennel Sis (Floyd’s Snoopy ex Ch. Floyd’s Snowflake), Buckhole Kennels; 2. Parker’s Rex (Floyd’s Snoopy ex Ch. Floyd’s Snowflake), Charles Parker; 3. Gator Creek Lilly (Hill’s Hub ex Cole Creek Misfire), Gator Creek Kennel; 4. Hines’ Red Jack R. (Ch. Floyd’s Red ex Cooley’s Rose), Richey and Hunter Hines; 5. Casper J. Allen (Zeke J. Allen ex Bobbie J. Allen), Jack and Audra Allen; 6. Buckhole Kennel Cowgirl (Ch. Seymour’s Lil Rally ex Ch. Foster’s Sarah), Buckhole Kennels; 7. Webb’s Black Bob (D&S Gambler ex Mare Branch Cassie), J.W. Webb and Clyde Ely; 8. 3 County (Line Creek Kennis ex 3 County Satin), 3 County Kennels; 9. Little Buck’s Dixie (Hartwick’s Moped ex Hartwick’s Peanut), Tyler Murray; and 10. McGaha’s Swann (McGaha’s Spud ex Wood’s Sissy), R&K Kennels.

Derby Combination: Casper J. Allen, Jack and Audra Allen.


Best in Show: Juniper Creek Puzzle, Juniper Creek Kennels.

Best Opposite Sex: Ch. Juniper Creek Busy, Juniper Creek Kennels.

All-Age Male: 1. Parker’s Natty Lite (Lofton’s Miracle ex Parker’s Birdie), Davin and Wes Parker; 2. 3 County Scary Crow (Jack Back Tin Man ex 3 County Sno Cone), 3 County Kennels; 3. Bray’s Snowman (Gunstock Casper ex Nelson’s Reba), Bull Mountain Kennels; 4. BHK Steve (Floyd’s Snoopy ex Ch. Floyd’s Snowflake), Buckhole Kennels; 5. Pinedale Peter B. (Pinedale Swiper B. ex Shelton’s Lonesome Dove),

Pinedale Kennels; 6. Parker’s Big John (Ch. Adam’s Rowdy Colby ex Wells’ Squaw), Charles Parker; 7. Watts Big D. (Roger’s Four J. Ben ex Parker’s Diva), Bull Mountain Kennels; 8. Hydrill Tony (Purvis’ Apollo ex P.D. Hope), Laron Ladner; 9. Allentown’s Log Truck (Prescott’s Drifter ex O’Bryan’s Christy), Allentown Kennels; and 10. Pinedale Stricker B. (Pinedale Swiper B ex Pinedale My My B.), Pinedale Kennels.

All-Age Female: 1. Ch. Juniper Creek Busy (Floyd’s Snoopy ex Floyd’s Breezy), Juniper Creek Kennels; 2. Parker’s Penny (Ch. Boone’s Packman ex Ch. Chrestman’s Penny), Charles Parker; 3. Ch. Juniper Creek Crickett (Ch. Floyd’s Red ex Floyd’s Dottie), Juniper Creek Kennels; 4. BHK Flora (Ch. Floyd’s Billy Bob ex Ch. Floyd’s Snowflake), Buckhole Kennels; 5. Hines’ Happy R (Hines’ Spike R ex Hines’ Betty Joe R), Richey and Hunter Hines; 6. Rob’s Penny (unknown), Robert Ladner; 7. Bull Mountain Ellie Mae (Gunstock Casper ex Kristy  Hellums), Bull Mountain Kennels; 8. 3 County Sirena (Jack Back Tin Man ex 3 County Dot), 3 County Kennels; 9. Cowgirl’s Carma (Jimmy’s Ringo B. ex Shangalo Freckles B.), Cowgirl Kennels; and 10. F.R.’s Jackie (O’Bryan’s K Bar ex F.R.’s KK), Allentown Kennels.

Derby Male: 1. Juniper Creek Puzzle (Floyd’s Snoopy ex Floyd’s Happy), Juniper Creek Kennels; 2. Pinedale Festus B. (Pinedale Swiper B. ex Hound Hill Black Betty), Pinedale Kennels; 3. Myer’s John (C. Floyd’s Red ex Cooley’s Rose), Roby Morse; 4. Lane’s Elvis (Gunstock Casper ex Lane’s Miss Audra), Bubba Lane; 5. Skylar’s Red (Ch. Floyd’s Red ex Cooley’s Rose), David Hellums; 6. Allentown’s Wishbone (Ch. Telogia Creek Redneck ex Allentown Lil Fire), Allentown Kennel; 7. Lane’s Hank (Gunstock Casper ex Lane’s Miss Audra), Bubba Lane; 8. Bryan’s Scooter (Smith’s Haley ex Duncan Creek Putt-Putt), Larry Cox; 9. Casper J. Allen (Zeke J. Allen ex Bobbie J. Allen), Jack and Audra Allen; and 10. Little Buck’s Hammer (BCK Wheel of Fortune ex Hartwick’s Peanut), Tyler Murray.

Derby Female: 1. Lane’s Kelly (Gunstock Casper ex Lane’s Miss Audra), Bubba Lane; 2. C&S Scooter (Ace Bishop ex Frasier Brothers Spitfire), Craig Martin; 3. Betty D. Hellums (Gunstock Casper ex Hines’ Betty Joe R.), David Hellums; 4. Bray’s Butter (D&S Mighty Man ex Nelson’s Biscuit), Bull Mountain Kennel; 5. Daylee (Triple J. Black ex Tinkerbell), Jase Gatwood; 6. Allentown’s Breeze (Coleman’s Doc Holiday ex Telogia Creek Seyro), Allentown Kennels; 7. BHK Wild Baby (Ch. Seymour’s Lil Rally ex Chrestman’s Wild Child), Buckhole Kennels; and 8. Bryan’s Dot (Duncan Creek Abraham ex Bryan’s Lady), Larry Cox.

By David Haynes, 2363 CR 147, Coffeeville, MS 38922