2011 American Invitational Running Hound Classic

Hunter's Horn, Feb 2012The 2011 running of the Seventh Annual American Invitational Running Hound Classic was held on December 9-11 at the Tar River Fox Preserve in Creedmoor, NC. We had a great hunt. This hunt has established itself as one of the top prizes in the field trial world and the competition in attendance verified this.

The American Invitational Running Hound Classic will be a Grade I hunt for the Hound of the Year/Sire of the Year Leaderboard for 2012. We are appreciative of being held in this regard and intend to earn our keep.

We started this year with 149 proven hounds from North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Missouri, Illinois, New York, Ohio and Maryland. To find success against this caliber of competition speaks volumes for those that placed. Our goal remains to pick the “best of the best.”

As always, we were fortunate to have some of the best judges in the country help us sort through an outstanding field of hounds.  They included: Master of Hounds – Clyde Sutton; judges, Donnie Adams, Blair Dalton, Page Allen, Gary Otey, Kevin Mundy, Kelly Meadows, (Bench Show Judge), Ryan Gregory (Ringmaster), Craig White, Jerry Toler, Jonathan Bender, Brent Davis, Chris Martin, Tommy McLamb, L.D. Buchanan, Walter Cleaton, Ray Owen, David Owen, David Adcock and Jamie Terry. These guys worked hard in a professional manner and provided us with a great service. Thanks to each and every one of you for your time and effort.

We dearly missed Harry Ingram judging in the field this year. Harry has been recovering from some health issues and we wish him the best.

The American Invitational Running Hound Classic places great pride on attracting the best dogs and the best judges, but it also seeks the best facilities. For the past seven years we have been extremely fortunate in what we have been provided. Thanks to James Ray and R.A. Keith of the Tar River Fox Preserve for providing such an outstanding facility to hold a field trial. Thanks to Donna Martin for keeping everybody well fed for three days. The food was excellent.

I also must extend thanks to Roy Neighbors and Mike Carr for providing dog feed (Tracker, Pride); Pride
for the field trial kit; Wally Johnson and Custom Collars for providing gifts for the top winners. It is hard to get support at hunts these days with the economy the way it has been. Support these guys when you can.

Thanks to J.R. Baltazegar for providing and steaming oysters for our traditional pre-bench show Friday night meal. I threatened to resign my position as secretary if J.R. didn’t show up with the oysters. Thanks as well to Glenda Carroll for making the soup and banana pudding.

The running started out at a blistering pace and continued so for several hours until the scenting conditions changed to slow things down. The conditions seemed to improve during the final hour; a similar pattern would follow for days two and three.

David Bailey’s King David scored 990 points to win the Speed and Drive category and the J. Percy Flowers Memorial Speed and Drive Challenge Cup. It took 760 points to enter the top ten in Speed and Driving. The Hunting category took 85 points to win by Chris Wright’s

Hill City Andy and 35 points to enter the top ten. There was no Trailing to finish the hunt. Congratulations to John Hoehner on his new bench Champion, AIRHC (b) Hoehner’s Lil Maria and to Missy Windsor – Sleepy Hollow Kennel for Best Opposite Sex, Windsor’s Grinder.

Congratulations to Chris Wright for his new Champion; AIRHC (f) Hill City Andy. Andy was first in Hunting, third in Speed and Drive and second in Endurance.

We had a very unusual situation at this year’s hunt. We had a Dual Champion and a Combination winner by different dogs. David Bailey’s King David won the combination while Lewis Garner and Rodney Crisco’s AIRHC (d) Crisco’s Beauty won the Dual. Congrats! Congratulations to all that placed and thanks to all that attended and aided in making this hunt a success. Jimmy Carroll’s term as President has passed and David Parker has moved in as your new President. On behalf of Jimmy and me, we would like to extend a big thank you to the Board of Directors. They’ve been a great group to work with. We would like to thank Jimmy for his effort during this term. We also look forward to having David as President as he will do a fine job.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the Sixth Annual running of the 2010 American Invitational Running Hound Classic, December 7-9, 2012 at the Hollywood Fox Preserve in Appomattox, VA.



  • 1. Hill City Andy (Ch. East Coast Dylan ex Ch. T’s Sissy Joe), Hill City Kennel;
  • 2. Bailey’s King David (Ch. Hoehner’s Slinger H. ex Ellis’ Shine E.), David Bailey;
  • 3. Ch. Sullivan’s Sassy (Ch. Hoehner’s Slinger H. ex Hoehner’s Little Kelly), Hoehner Boy Kennels;
  • 4. Crisco’s Beauty (Ch. East Coast Repo ex Garner’s Topsy), Crisco and Garner;
  • 5. Tommy’s Two Spot (PC Woodchopper ex Crisco’s Heidi), Robert and Tommy Lineberry;
  • 6. Turner’s Oakley (Ch. Turner’s High Country ex Ch. OQ’s Miss Fire), WBT July Kennels;
  • 7. Hill City Rebel (Ch. East Coast Hollywood ex Ch. Hill City BG), Hill City Kennel;
  • 8. Garner’s Rose (PC’s Woodchopper ex Garner’s Brownleg), Crisco and Garner;
  • 9. Solo’s Tweeter (Ch. East Coast Dylan ex Short’s Betty), Solo Kennels;
  • 10. Bell and Pridgen’s Showgirl (Ch. East Coast Dylan ex B. Bell’s Fanny II), Bell and Pridgen.

Combination: Bailey’s King David, David Bailey.

Dual Champion: Crisco’s Beauty, Crisco and Garner.

Best Mouth: Tommy’s Two Spot, Robert and Tommy Lineberry.


Best in Show and Classiest Hound: Hoehner’s Lil Maria, Hoehner Boys Kennels

Best Opposite Sex: Windsor’s Grinder, Sleepy Hollow Kennels


  • 1. Windsor’s Grinder (PC’s Andy ex Ch. East Coast Porche), Sleepy Hollow Kennel;
  • 2. Ch. East Coast Crown (East Coast Sea Captain ex East Coast Sadie), East Coast Kennel;
  • 3. Opie’s Fat Boy (Ch. East Coast Dylan ex Opie’s Latina), Opie Kennel;
  • 4. Goode’s Tin Man (Goode’s Zooke ex not given), Hoehner Boys Kennel;
  • 5. A&R Jake (A&R Bozo ex Toth’s Lady Bourbon), Dettwiller and Son;
  • 6. Ch. Hoehner’s Bold Ruler (Ch. Hoehner’s Slinger H. ex Ch. Hoehner’s Lil Bit), Hoehner Boy Kennel;
  • 7. Ch. Triple Bridge Tornado II (PC Andy ex Short’s Molly), Triple Bridge Kennel;
  • 8. A&S Farrior (Fat Boy’s Gift ex Sleeping Beauty), Dettwiller and Son;
  • 9. Bailey’s King David (Ch. Hoehner’s Slinger H. ex Ellis’ Shine E.), David Bailey;
  • 10. Ch. Wooten’s Class Act (High Cotton Hercules ex Adam’s Hill Chick), Ain’t No Doubt Kennel.


  • 1. Hoehner’s Lil Maria (Hoehner’s Rock On ex Hoehner’s Lil Bit), Hoehner BoysKennels;
  • 2. Ch. Opie’s Baby Girl (Ch. Opie’s Hammer ex Sticker’s Jill B), Opie Kennel;
  • 3. Dual Ch. Crisco’s Beauty (Ch. East Coast Repo ex Garner’s Topsy), Crisco and Garner;
  • 4. Opie’s Sugar (Ch. Opie’s Gigolo ex D.S. Candy), Opie Kennel;
  • 5. Opie’s Shirley (Webb’s Tropper ex Ch. Opie’s Q-Tip), Opie Kennel;
  • 6. Ch. Atkins’ Lucy (Webbs Deuce R. ex Webb’s — r), Eddie Atkins;
  • 7. Turner’s Kit Kat (Lanham’s CJ ex Turner’s Patty Melt), WBT July Kennel;
  • 8. Lil Mule’s Hi-Tail (Shelton’s Big Red II ex Coleman’s Brooke), Lil Mule Kennels;
  • 9. Opie’s LaVern (Webb’s Trooper ex Ch. Opie’s Q-Tip), Opie Kennel;
  • 10. T’s Boo Z (Ch. T’s Boo Yah ex Hill City Mercedes), T’s Kennel.