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The Last Cottontail

Rabbit Hunter, March 2012THE RABBIT HUNTER – It’s been close to 50 years now but I distinctly recall the first time I purposely let a rabbit get away at the end of the season. Nothing more than a farm boy wearing jeans, rubber …

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Trinity’s Hunting Trip

Rabbit Hunter, March 2012THE RABBIT HUNTER – Trinity, our seven year old granddaughter, was out of school for Thanksgiving. All she talked about was to go rabbit hunting with Pappy. I started taking her when she was two years old.

This girl has …

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Legal Hound

Rabbit Hunter, March 2012THE RABBIT HUNTER – The HOUND PAC has been established. This is a political action committee whose purpose is to raise funds to contribute to the campaigns of persons who are running for office who are favorable to the needs …

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A Middle of the Day, Windy Hunt!

Rabbit Hunter, Feb 2012I’ve never been a fan of rabbit hunting in the wind. In fact, I avoid it like the plague. It’s hard to hear anything, whether it’s the dogs, the rabbit or both. Rabbits hold tighter and are harder to jump, …

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The Intricacies of Rabbit Hunting

Rabbit Hunter, Feb 2012Sometimes having a back-up plan and the small intricate things associated with rabbit hunting can make a real difference in making a successful hunt or just another day in the outdoors.

I can remember when two guys from West Virginia …

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Mike’s Switch-A-Roo

Rabbit Hunter, Feb 2012THE RABBIT HUNTER – Recently, we decided to go to the Ridenour farm to hunt.  Those in attendance were Alex Ridenour, Mike Queener, Mike Wilson, Tony Ridenour and myself. What a crew! This was going to be a good day! …

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Rabbit Sheriff

January 2012 Rabbit Hunter Magazine
RH-01-12-Rabbit Sheriff-01Rabbit season opened one week earlier this year. We had planned to go to a rabbit camp for a week in the mountains this year. Kenny Byrd and Mike Queener were taking a week’s vacation to spend in camp plus …

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PKC’s Tennessee State

January 2012 Rabbit Hunter MagazineFirst Place: CH Raincrow, Michael Sweeton and shown by Nathan Sweeton.

Second Place: CH Pigg Hollow Flatrock Radio shown by Kenny Burk.

Third Place: CH Pigg Hollow Little Bell, owned by Kenny Burk and handled by Raymond Miller.

Fourth Place:

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The Joys of January Rabbit Hunting

January 2012 Rabbit Hunter MagazineOne of the most difficult tasks facing the January rabbit hunter is finding the will power to get out there when the temperatures are in the single digits, the ground is hard and the snow may be knee deep – …

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A Great Early Season Hunt

Rabbit Hunter, Dec 2011Once again the time was upon us here in Indiana: Our early rabbit season.

It starts on October 1 here in Indiana and that’s when we start hunting those bunnies. It is usually pretty thick, hot and dry here this …

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Gearing Up for Cold Weather Rabbits

Rabbit Hunter, Dec 2011By now every state with a rabbit season is open for business, and business is likely to be brisk – in more ways than one. Come December it gets cold even in Southern states with temperatures low enough to bother …

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